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Dragon Pharma company, in the market of sports pharmacology, appeared relatively recently. The activity of the young European company started in 2009. It is focused on domestic market in Europe, but sometimes Dragon Pharma products fall in other countries. The priority of the company is the production of high-quality pharmaceuitcals at affordable price.

As a young company, it has an unprecedented opportunity for development. Dragon Pharma enterprises capacities are constantly increasing, and the company’s lab develops new medicines. And this is not a simple laboratory, but a real research center! The company is working to create new products that are in demand on the market today. Modern equipment allows the company to produce medicines in vials and tablets. Particular attention is paid to the quality of products.

Dragon Pharma provides for customers with a fairly wide range of pharmaceutical products for effective muscle growth, endurance and strength development, quality muscles. Despite its wide range of anabolic steroids, the company produces every year several new injectable and oral formulations, of interest to professional athletes and amateurs. The manufacturer guarantees the high quality of medicines, as control of their manufacturing is done at all stages from the purchase of high quality raw materials to packaging of finished products.

Today Dragon Pharma produces anabolic steroids in tablets and vials.

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Dragon Pharma Reviews

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