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  1. Gator121212 - 2018-07-16 2:56 PM

    This is an early review. But all my supplements are for the most part short acting. And I am no newbie, so I know good supplements when I see them 🙂

    Very prompt communication… I always received responses within hours.

    T prop…. @ 50 ED

    Tes Enanth….. @400 EW

    Hcg….. @250 e5d

    HcG is pharm-grade; obviously 100% legit. Testicles seem to grow a bit, and ejaculations are more ‘abundant’ lately… (sorry for being so graphic). The prop and enanthate are both extremely pip..none. The prop has a great ‘kick’ to it. In the gym, I feel like walking through walls. My wife likes my ‘bedroom aggression’….says its ”sexy how primitive I have been acting lately”. Bf% is dropping steadily, and strength is coming on nicely. Good diet is crucial. This is only week 3, but there is NO denying that Kalpa’s supplements are GTG.

    Much respect for BUYSTEROIDS.WS


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