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Year Founded: 2008 has a good range and average prices with featured products like: Dianabol for Sale, Winstrol for Sale, Sustanon for Sale, Testosterone Cypionate for Sale, Testosterone Enanthate for Sale, Deca for Sale, Trenbolone for Sale and many, many more products.

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  1. Gator121212 - 2018-07-16 2:56 PM

    This is an early review. But all my supplements are for the most part short acting. And I am no newbie, so I know good supplements when I see them 🙂

    Very prompt communication… I always received responses within hours.

    T prop…. @ 50 ED

    Tes Enanth….. @400 EW

    Hcg….. @250 e5d

    HcG is pharm-grade; obviously 100% legit. Testicles seem to grow a bit, and ejaculations are more ‘abundant’ lately… (sorry for being so graphic). The prop and enanthate are both extremely pip..none. The prop has a great ‘kick’ to it. In the gym, I feel like walking through walls. My wife likes my ‘bedroom aggression’….says its ”sexy how primitive I have been acting lately”. Bf% is dropping steadily, and strength is coming on nicely. Good diet is crucial. This is only week 3, but there is NO denying that Kalpa’s supplements are GTG.

    Much respect for BUYSTEROIDS.WS

  2. roly420 - 2018-07-23 2:55 PM

    Another great experience from my fav source, no doubt. a little test-p blast to my summer bulk.

    time is always about the same. i like to say… less than a month. and as for packaging? ive always said it, and ill say it again… the best packaging youll ever see, period. they take a ton of time and effort on their packages.

    love the KP line, but never tried their prop. currently cruising at 225mg/wk, so i added the prop at 100mgs/EOD for 4 weeks. this stuff is strong!! feld blood pressure rise big time. im very sensitive to test, so this is normal within the first week of a test blast. every one of my lifts are just rising and rising by the day. its crazy. my weight wasnt a huge difference, 5-8lbs, but its what is expected. i still have one more blast in a few weeks with their dbol to throw before the end of autumn, so my goal of a good quality 205lbs is looking very promising. review for that once im done.

    currently 190lbs. the dbol review will come around october. im sure 6 weeks at 50mgs/day will be just a breeze.

  3. seal296 - 2018-08-13 11:00 AM

    Tried this source out because of promo

    Very straightforward and easy process, very prompt to answering emails.

    Package took about a week to get to the US. Packaging was perfect, very discreet! It took me a while to open it, no way customs had a chance at snatching it.



    The products I ordered were from the 7Lab section. As far as quality…amazing! I’m sure these orals are as good as it gets. I’ve tried tbol from another source and wasn’t impressed honestly, but this is a different story. Either their orals sucked or they were underdosed. I’ve been taking 80mg of tbol a day and the effects are awesome. It truly is a mix between dbol and anavar. I seem to get very little sides from the tbol, other than the amazing pumps and absolutely no water at all. I don’t get the horrible lower back pumps like I do on dbol (thank god!). I personally haven’t tried the winstrol but a buddy of mine is running it at 50mg a day orally and he says it’s top notch. Drying him out very nicely, only thing he doesn’t like is the achy joints. Very impressed with the orals!

  4. Jpark - 2018-08-18 4:28 PM

    Hi i have dragon

  5. Jpark - 2018-08-18 4:30 PM


  6. perrylyndon - 2018-08-20 10:08 AM

    First time ordering and worked out rather well

    Communication was right on

    time was just as they stated

    Quality and proper dosing sides expected insomnia-night sweats

    Pump, strength gain, muscles and fat loss after about ten days

    Nothing extravagant, just good products with good price, good communication, and swift service. Inconspicuous and stealth delivery. What more do you need?

  7. pumphouse - 2018-08-27 8:22 AM

    This is my 3rd order from Great to have a reliable source in USA! I have tried a variety of there liquid orals/orals, and just started with the injections. WOW, very potent stuff. Exceeding my expectation in customer service, and product! Will be dealing with these guys lots in the future.

  8. constantbulk - 2018-09-03 9:49 AM

    Been using this site for a few years now and am impressed with the service and quality of the products!

    Excellent service, prompt repleys and communcation

    Always nicely packed and protected !


    Kalpa sust 350

    Dragon deca 500

    This was my last cycle and all went well, sort of a clean bulk now I’m cruising on 0.5 ml of sust every 8 days.

    Kalpa in my opinion is really a very good company all there products work well for me

    Last cycle was 10 weeks and I’ve managed to gain 8 lb so in my eyes it’s working cruising for a bit now till I decide on a winter bulk !!

    All in all a is the only place I need, good prices, loads of products, and the odd promo !!

  9. F-15C - 2018-09-10 3:59 PM

    This review is a little overdue as I’ve had a few orders from now and they’ve been great to deal with, so it’s about time I gave my views on dealing with them and their products. The first product I purchased was Sciroxx Test-E. Having read many product reviews before purchasing their test-e, I was confident that it would be good stuff, however, the reality didn’t live up to the hype, five weeks at 600mg per week and nothing happened, no increase in strength, libido, acne, size or anything else. After expressing my displeasure with the product, put me in direct contact with Sciroxx who tried to assure me that their ‘gear’ was legit but the proof is in the pudding as they say and I wouldn’t buy Sciroxx products again. The second product was Kalpa Test-E 250…wow, what a difference! Libido increased in just a few days, strength and stamina started going up after a week or so, weight was going up by the end of week two and by the end of week four I had gained 13lbs and a lot of shoulder and back acne, it sounds ridiculous and I could barely believe the results but the scales don’t lie and neither do I. Unfortunately, at this point, I had to drop down to a TRT dose as I had to visit an endocrinologist for an unrelated condition and didn’t know what they might decide to test me for…eek! A total of 5lbs dropped while getting my test levels down in time for the endo appointment but then leveled out. I’ve since put 1lb back on using just 125mg every ten days despite my rapid metabolism making it difficult for me to ingest enough calories to gain weight. Hopefully my visits to the endo will fix this and I’ll be able to gain weight properly again, I’m currently below my natural genetic potential by quite a large margin and I lose weight if I eat less than 3000 calories per day! To say that I’m impressed with Kalpa Test-E is an understatement. The third product I purchased was a vial of Bodypharm D-Bol 100 but I couldn’t risk using this when I discovered that my blood pressure was already sky-high, due to my condition for which I’m visiting the endo…damn. Of course, this means that I can’t review it. Every order has been easy to place, easy to pay for and has arrived very quickly. Communication with has been minimal due to the ordering process being so straightforward and the orders all being accurate and quickly delivered, however, when I did contact about the Sciroxx Test-E, replies were comprehensive and prompt.

    At this point in time, will continue to be my sole source, I’m very happy with their prices, their products (except Sciroxx unfortunately) and their commitment to customer service.

  10. t-bol - 2018-10-22 1:02 PM

    This is a review for Test P and Var I bought to change from an other lab to kalpa mid cycle.

    Fast, native English speakers so no confusion and very honest

    First off be very careful with kalpa products they are dosed to exact amount they claim so when you take 1 ml it really is 99% purr product.

    I switched mid cycle from a well known lab test p and var 7 days in my pumps were so crazy I could not walk amor scratch my back I kept breaking wine glasses in my hands lean mass went up faster. Over all be very careful this stuff is very serious so try to start at low dose!

    Best source so far very professional!

  11. MusicMan - 2018-10-29 11:45 AM is a great source with great quality products

    Very good customer service better than good, extremely helpful source

    Took about 20 business days

    Im always looking for better than average test cypionate and I was lucky to get picked in the promo of 30ml or 3 bottles. Ive been using the product for at least 2 months and Im very happy to say that to date this is the best test that I have used. Oils nice and clear and easy flowing, nice lableling but most importantly a quality product is within these vials. After about 2 weeks, I once again began noticing that the product was effective. My motivation skyrocketed with every pin E3d of 0.5cc roughly about 500mg a week. My skin never became oily and I did have to pop a couple of pimples on my chest and back. My water has increased about 9 pounds, my pumps in the gym are amazing, and my stamina and endurance are really at a all time high. I really like this TestC alot my strength has been enhanced however Im not trying to break PR’s but just trying to say consistent even when I feel the need to add more weight. Thats definetly a mental edge having the energy and focus but however holding back as Im going for the marathon and not the sprint. Ny libido has been outstanding, I like waking up and feeling like I need more loving from the wife even when we just did that less than 6 hours ago. On the weekends 3 times a day has been the average while still having energy to blast my body through some heavy weight training. I love the water weight gains in my arms, lats, back, legs, and shoulders. Ive never felt so motivated to look at myself after sets, after showering, 2 days later Im still looking pumped and I like that alot. Kalpa is phenomenal, has it, so for now, I choose his product for my test, I can only speculate about how good the other Kalpa oils are, hopefully Ill be getting myself in the best shape of my life with these oils.

    Great Kalpa TestC, product works like a champ and I need champ oils and not just average


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