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  1. redrouge83 - 2017-08-07 12:47 PM

    So after years of training natty i decided to do my first cycle this year. A friend recommended a site in which he got all his gear from so i decided to order everything in one go from there. Just my luck, as soon as i placed the order everything seem to go smoothly, got the dispatch email and everything. Then the website went down and the guy running it disappeared. My friend phoned me saying the guy has either been busted or has done a runner. Great start lol.

    So luckily after scouring the internet for another source i came across SteroidsLive and glad i did. was reviewed here, so decided to order from these guys. So glad i did and would defo recommend them.

    Great comms and support. If you follow there instructions you should have no issues at all.

    Packages came in a discreet padded brown jiffy that need to be signed for. Everything arrived nice and safe.

    With this being my first cycle (12 week test e only) i don’t have any prior knowledge or experience of my own to go off/compare but from what i have experienced pretty much lines up with other peoples experiences so the items i ordered are definitely legit. Week 3 was when i started to feel the effects, night sweats, raised body temp etc. Week 4-5 i noticed i was recovering quicker from my gym sessions with less body aches and pains with slight strength increase too. Libido went up, im surprised it hasn’t fell off by now considering the beatings its been getting through this cycle lol. Week 6 i broke out in spots on back chest and shoulders (im acne prone anyway) So was kinda expecting this:( A trip to the docs for anti-biotics and Panoxyl Aquagel 10 sorted this out though. Since then my strength slow and steadily went up beating P.B’s, my body has got better definition all round. My starting weight was 196lb(14%BF) and now im at 208lbs(13%BF) which i am well pleased with. I think i could of got more mass but i held back slightly on calories due to an upcoming holiday so i wanted to keep my BF down as much as possible. My next cycle i will be going all out bulk now i have experienced the effects and sides of test e. Apart from my first injections (dead leg/glute from injecting into virgin muscles) the oils were p.i.p free so no complaints there. PCT must of been good too as i suffered from no sides like gyno etc so overall a succesfull first cycle 🙂

    Excellent service from and good effective product from Dragon Pharma, happy customer here!

  2. ChickenBirdOfGains - 2017-08-14 10:10 AM

    This is my first review and my first time ordering from any online supplier. I was extremely nervous and did lots of research, which led me to Every claim they made, they met 100%. I couldn’t have been happier with the entire process, their professionalism removed all my nerves and worries. I can’t wait to try something else with them. I would recommend to everyone that they try this company, you will not be disappointed. Cycle length: 10 weeks Diet: low calorie, high protein

    Breakfast: eggs or oatmeal


    10:30ish Post-workout protein shake

    Lunch: chicken breasts, veggies, rice


    3pm post-workout protein shake

    Dinner: meat, veggies, grains


    Post-workout protein shake before bed Before stats: Age: 27

    Weight: 190LBS

    BF: 13%

    Height: 6’0″ Weights used: York cast-iron free plates

    Their communication and support is perfect. Although I have no other experiences to compare to, every single email, every last question I sent them was always answered quickly. If you have questions for them, don’t hesitate any longer, I’m so glad I didn’t.

    Came exactly as they said it would. Packed tightly, discreetly, and precisely on time.

    Dragon Pharma’s Oxandrolone

    Product quality: excellent

    Usage length: 10 weeks

    Application: oral Week 1: I started taking 40MG ED split 12 hours apart, morning and night.

    Week 2: I increased to 60MG ED split like before.

    Day 9: I began to notice some increased vascularity. The days to follow is when I started to notice a little increase in my strength. Over the next four days, as my strength greatened, so did my muscle hardness.

    Day 13: I saw darker urine for the first time. This is also the first time I began to add more weight to my workout. Up until now I had simply increased my repetitions when I felt myself getting stronger, not wanting to get ahead of myself and cause an injury.

    Day 14: I added a ten pound plate to each side of my dumbbells and was able to do 10 great reps of each arm exercise with the extra 20LBS no problem.

    Week 2-3: I up my dosage to 80MG ED split am/pm. I begin to see more and more veins popping to the surface, and the ones that were already visible we now above skin level. Strength continues to go up, I add 5LBS plates to all four sides of dumbbells.

    At the end of week three, since the beginning I have added 30LBS of free weight plates to each dumbbell and have had no issues with my usual 10 repetitions. I feel PHENOMINAL.

    Week 4-6: at the beginning of week 4 I up the dosage to 90MG ED split am/pm. I see dark urine a few times over the couple weeks, strength is increasing. Muscle pumps while brushing teeth, looking through hangers for clothes to wear, and other chores around the house have become intense. My arms feel like they’re going to explode. By the end of week six, every muscle (excluding heart) was almost as hard as a rock. Physical side affects until now:

    Dark urine

    Increased vascularity

    Increased strength

    More pep in my step

    Zero ED problems

    Muscle pumps

    Overall increase in life. Happier, stronger, more active. Feeling great I personally think everyone in the world should take oxandrolone. At least it should be given to all soldiers in the army. Because I’ll tell you, I felt like I was Iron Man. Week 6-8: beginning of week 7 I increased dosage to 100MG ED split am/pm. My body is beginning to look like a road map. I add another 10LBS of plates to each arm on curls. Normally I’m not vascular at all, by the end of week 8 I could see like a dozen big veins running across my arms. I was getting compliments on both my bodies look and physical firmness.

    Week 8-10: I begin to taper down my dosage each time I take it, so my body isn’t in shock when I discontinue usage. Vascularity is still through the roof. Strength is still through the roof. Muscle pumps are still through the roof. I’m feeling absolutely excellent, zero negative sides to report. No joint pain associated with winny, no night sweats. I feel so clean on the inside. That might sound stupid, but that’s how I feel, so good.

    I am now finishing up week one with no oxandrolone or PCT. I still feel amazing. Zero loss in strength or vascularity. My libido has increased. Sad to finish. Happy to say I’ve found a trustworthy and professional business that I will definitely be ordering from again ASAP. They have excellent customer service, excellent shipping, and an excellent product, making an excellent company and an excellent choice. After stats: Age: 27

    Weight: 200LBS

    BF: 9% By the end of the ten weeks, I had, on average added 40LBS to each arm without compromising my form or number of reps. Here’s a few examples. Each exercise is with 10 repetitions. Weights used were York cast-iron free plates.

    Pre / Post Standing behind-the-head press with a straight bar: 120LBS / 200LBS Bicep curl, each arm 30LBS / 70LBS Bench press 160LBS / 240LBS

  3. TheFlash85 - 2017-08-21 9:22 AM

    end of week 6 running SP Labs supertest 450 and SP deca 250, im 6 kilos up as of last night, im bigger, fuller and more vascular, my well being has been really, really good, so much so that even with a broken leg and brain damage, i have not fell back into depression, just waking up and seeing those pumped up full biceps is enough to keep anyone sane lmao! my libido is ridiculous, its sky high, i think about tits, ass and vag all day and even dream of it, i wake harrasing the misses like a puppy dog humping the couch, strength is up, and have had comments from other people, some strange lady approached me in the grocery store and said excuse me, but you have really big biceps, and really nice teeth! lol all in all, is awesome, hes looked after me well, SP Labs is my all time favourite and i will never bother with any other brand ever again when it comes to oils, when you find something good, you keep it!

    excellent communication and support, easy, friendly, helpful and polite, simple transactions.

    turn around and packaging is spot on, international order received within ten days including weekend.

    quality of SP oils is outstanding, nice crisp, golden transparent colour, vials and labels professional and presented nicely, rubber stoppers at top high quality, vials have scratch off panels with verification codes, draws up easily into the barrels, and pins smoothly at a nice consistent rate, there is no pain or discomfort and no post injection pain, i will always use SP Labs from now on, it really is the best i have ever had, that is no exaggeration, it truly is great quality.

    i recommend anybody who is searching for a new source or just a good source in general to try this guy, you wont be disappointed, hes cruising packages through in record timing to the strictest places on earth, hes also got amazing prices, im not selfish and honestly hope that you guys try this stuff and enjoy it as much as me.

  4. Michael_Corleone - 2017-08-28 1:19 PM

    I’m writing this review to let all steroidlivers that are looking for a reliable source with excellent service is your man, He has just about everything you need to do your thing.

    I wont comment on the T/A because there were issues with my product-> he assured me it will be sent and I was fine with it. I did no bad mouth on his SI or give bad reviews. That would be noobish. Thats my last resort.

    Packing? LOL it was most hilarious. How much more discrete can it be

    Took a few days fro the dbol to kick in and when it did the pumps were amazing.

    Test is working like it should,sex drive is up,very determined in the gym etc etc

    Overall is a great source and cares for his customers.

  5. smoore28195 - 2017-10-02 4:51 PM

    Ordered some Masteron and some Nolvadex for a bridge cycle for me and a friend and I gotta say, I would definitely order from again. The masteron pip can be bad, but I’ve seen a lot worse from other compounds. Fast service and top notch communication. Thanks again man.

  6. bryngelson22 - 2017-10-09 5:28 PM

    So this is my first order w this source.I am very excited to find fast shipping and awesome product. the tren a and viagra are kickin top level stuff. very smooth low pip and who dosnt like the big ass jugs?? def the go to site

  7. GETBIG1988 - 2017-10-16 10:35 AM

    Can’t go wrong with this source!!

    Communication is always very fast usually with in two hours at the very most. Very polite and helpful like a business man should be.

    T/A is one of the fastest if not the fastest.

    Tren ace and Tren enth are great. It has the nice golden brown color to it. Strength goes way up. I’m am slot more irritable on Tren. I’m always hot get night sweats and weird dreams. My sweat always has a weird smell yo it. From my experience with Tren this stuff is deff legit. Don’t hit a vein bc you will cough your but off.

    All dragon pharma test oils are legit also. To start with I get oily skin and mild acne on back and shoulders when I’m on test. Libidio is through the roof. Deca I have only ran once but I deff notice I bloat up a lot with it and heavier weights feel a lot easier on the joints. Never really have much pip from any of the oils but I also always hear them up a little so they pin easier. The Clen seems like it’s pretty good. I have seen noticeable fat loss and I also get jittery and notice more muscle cramps when I used the Clen.

    Overall his service is top notch and his products are top notch. I have zero complaints.

  8. kato88 - 2017-10-23 2:14 PM

    Have placed around 5 orders through All of them went smoothly. Oils are excellent.

    Very limited communication is needed. His ordering and payment system is set up very easy.

    Package shows up 10 days after funds picked up.

    Test is great, effects as to be expected. Mast is great, my first time running this, seems to help harden a lot and work well with the test and tren. Tren A, This stuff is potent! switched from another sources tren to Kalpa’s and fell in love with tren all over again! started cycle at around 230~, now sitting leaner at 250lbs! is my dude, no need to go anywhere else. Looking forward to trying some of Kalpa’s orals!

  9. Millcitymuscle - 2017-11-06 11:23 AM

    This review is for the first order I made with, I’ve ordered 3 more times since, which all has gone well everytime.

    When I first ordered I had a few hiccups with the ordering process but I emailed them and they helped me out. Communication is excellent with these guys

    Packaging was discrete and well, nothing was smashed or squished. I ordered through international and it took about 18 days for me to receive everything, which is good considering I’ve ordered through different international sources and have had it take almost a month.

    Originally I was going to just run a prop tren ace cycle, and finish off with the winny and prop. I ordered during a promo and decided to grab a few mix’s. So when it came I said fuck it and ran the cut mix with an added 50mg of tren and prop…. Results have been amazing, strength is up, body fat is down, and muscles feel Rock solid. Never needed to Break into the winnys because the cut mix did enough as is. The results really started to show day by day around week 3, from there I noticed some change daily. I’m usually not a fan of blends and I don’t think I’d ever try anyone else’s blends but dragon pharma blend is the real thing, no bullshit. Just ordered my winter bulk cycle from them , deca, test e, dbol… Can’t wait to try it.

    You’re in good hands with these guys. Very professional

  10. alpha0epsilon - 2017-12-11 2:37 PM

    I will absolutely order from again. I got my Kalpa Test P/E yesterday morning after having messed up my order and the customer service people at were very helpful in getting everything straightened out. It took a total of 16 days to get my product, which is fast by my standards, and I am already feeling the Test P working. I went to the gym this morning and got great pumps and my energy is up. Can I also mention there is absolutely no PIP – seriously the most painless Test P injection I have ever done.

  11. Herefishy - 2018-01-02 12:50 PM

    I have been using this source for a couple years. The products are consistently high quality.

    Once payment is received and email is sent I have never waited more than 10 business days. Packs always wrapped securely and discreet.

    I have been using Test e 400 and Primobolan most recently.

    I am a huge fan of Kalpa’s long ester test e and c. I am running test e with primo. Just starting to feel primo kick in. Been pinning for about a month. Twice a week at 900mg test e and 450 primo. Definitely feeling jacked.

    Good overall in every aspect from ordering to muscle gains. Great source to deal with and enjoy results from products. Thumbs up!!!

  12. AMERICASFINEST - 2018-01-09 12:03 PM

    First time ordering with this source and have to say pretty damn impressive. I ordered test prop, tren a. I hope his stuff is as good as the last orders because if so I’m going to be loving it! I will write a review later on these products. So far so good!!

  13. House - 2018-01-15 1:48 PM

    I was able to get in on the Christmas promo of 50 D-bol and 10 anadrol both Balkan Pharma.

    Communication was great.

    T/a was about 11 days to the door.

    I used the Anadrol at 50mg ed as a start to kick this cycle off.Very quickly i started getting really bad headaches,Good pumps,high bp,hunger and the strength i started to notice climbing around days 6 or 7.After those 10 days worth i switched to another brand and upped my dose to 100mg.

    The D-bol i gave to a friend( I passed it forward)to help someone out.He loved it and ran it at 30mg ed.Balkan have some of the best orals and they never let me down!!

  14. bbonds - 2018-01-22 2:16 PM

    Ta was around 10-14 days pretty quick for international, packing was great.

    I ran the BP dbol at 20mg ed for 25 days and even at a low dose I got all the good effects I would expect from quality dbol, improved recovery, strength went up slightly even on a low dose, gained a few extra lbs as well, also the sense of well being improved as well which I love from dbol.

    I would definitely order from this scr as I had a great experience, thank you for the great dbol.

  15. MarineBodyBuilder - 2018-01-29 3:31 PM

    My first time ordering from and very pleased with product quality and the entire ordering process Having been orphaned by a fantastic source who has gone on hiatus, I was a bit worried but is of the same cut. They have met or exceeded all expectations

    Tightly packed and discreet enough that the only way you’ll know it’s your gear is by opening the package.

    Kalpa gear is clean, smooth and dosed very well. 3 weeks into use, I’ve had to reduce the test usage due to overly increased aggression and, uh…drives. I hedged a bit and was pinning 1g weekly, between the two and found that to be a bit much, even for front-loading

    Very pleased, especially since I was very devoted to my previous source. Many who were orphaned with me have switched to and I have referred any others who have asked As much as I would prefer to be selfish and keep this source on the dl, it would be a disservice to them and they deserves. You cannot go wrong here. My second order is already in the cart

  16. NorCelz - 2018-02-05 1:29 PM

    the source name is fresh, but i believe that they have been around a while and their reputation is positive. i have always been intrigued by their list and have wanted to try them for a while now. once i saw their promo, i jumped on it. communication was on point and very professional. even better than the communication, the source was true to their word and the parcel shipped when I was told it would. i received eq and nolva. with what i currently have on hand from and others, i will probably never need nolva again. eq was at 400mg/ml and is being run with 200mg of test-c from another source. i am tapering up to find a sweet spot. moon face is a pain in the fucking ass and i have not been able to get rid of the extra face fat from my last cycle. strength is steadily increasing and energy is through the roof. i am also always hungry, but i stay stoned and the bubblegum might play a part in that.

    signing for packages makes me paranoid. there is no sig required from all in all, a very positive experience.

  17. Big Homie - 2018-02-12 4:25 PM

    This review is for and SP Test C. I have order from this source a hand full of times and they have always come through.

    When I have needed to contact them I sent a email. They got back to me around 24-48 hours. They have always answered my questions fully.

    My order always came with in 14-21 day. Everything was always packed good and nothing damage.

    I have used Test C a lot but I must say SP have the best great quality. Clear smooth oil pip free. I did a 16 week cycle using the test 3cc a week mon,wed,fri. Great gain didn’t hold much water at all put on 8 pounds in the first 5 weeks by weeks 16 I was up to 21 pounds gain.

    This is a good source that sales a great brand I will keep using both.

  18. powermuscle - 2018-03-19 3:20 PM

    Good seller !

    communication was smooth and excellent , answered e-mails always on next day.

    Shipping time 5 days- 14 days. Discreet and safely packaged.

    All Kalpa: Viagra, Testosterone enanthate, Methandrostelone.

    All products from worked as they should for me.

    Great communication and top goods. My favorite top seller right now.


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