dumbbell shoulder press

Dumbbell Shoulder Press Exercise

The dumbbell shoulder press is an effective exercise for almost any gym goer, regardless of their goals. The exercise can be used within a bodybuilding routine to stimulate muscle growth, as a strength building exercise, or by a trainee of either gender focused on improving their physique. The dumbbell shoulder[…]

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building arms workout

Not Gaining Arm Size?

For the newbie trainer, the arms are one of the body parts which receive the most focus when in the gym. The arms are on show when wearing a t-shirt and are often in the forefront of the people’s minds when they imagine a muscular or strong physique. Go into[…]

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bodybuilding supplements

Top 5 Best Bodybuilding Supplements

Many gym goers who aim for maximum muscle gain, from either side of the experience spectrum, continually look for the “best” bodybuilding supplements on the market. There have been many supplements brought onto the market over the years, and whilst many come and go there continues to be a handful[…]

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six pack

How To Get a Six Pack

Having a well defined six pack is the goal of many, as it portrays strength, endurance, health, and athleticism. As with any goal, we must have a clear understanding on the strategy required to obtain the goal, and have the desire and dedication to realise the goal. Getting a six[…]

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supplements for a weight training

Supplements For a Weight Training Beginner

New weight trainers will often over estimate the need for supplements within their training plan. It’s little wonder considering the effective advertising directly targeted at beginners when they buy their first fitness or bodybuilding magazine, browse web sites, or enter a gym. Companies are queuing up to market their products[…]

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walking fitness

Walking For Fitness And Weight Loss

Nothing else comes much more natural to us than walking. Walking has long been our basic method of transport, yet basic activities such as walking is on the decline. As a result, obesity is rapidly increasing in the west due to inactive lifestyles and poor dietary intake. Increasing fitness and[…]

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A superset is a training principal which involves the execution of two sets, back to back, which target antagonistic muscle groups. An example of a superset would be eight repetitions of barbell curls, directly followed (with no rest period) by eight repetitions of over head extensions. Supersets are commonly confused[…]

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cable curls exercise

Rope Attachment For Cable Exercises

As we well know, the cable variation of most exercises offers an alternative, and often advantageous, option than the common free weight movement. The continual resistance throughout the motion of the exercise is often of great benefit, supplying universal stress to the muscle, a feat the free weight counterparts often[…]

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delayed onset muscle soreness

Muscle Soreness Affecting Your Weight Training?

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is the commonly experienced soreness in the muscles you have trained, usually felt 24-48 hours after the workout. The soreness is common, although not experienced by everyone, and no notable muscle soreness should not be interpreted as having an unproductive workout. But what should we[…]

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machines vs free weights

Machines Vs Free Weights

Most gyms are equipped with a selection of both free weights and resistance machines. Many of the machines execute similar movements to traditional free weight exercises, such as the bench press, shoulder press, row, and chest fly. Both methods of training have their advantages, although it is generally recommended to[…]

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