workout schedule

Lunch Hour Workout Schedule

Maintaining a workout schedule can seem an ever increasingly hard feat if you work and have kids. With the weekdays consumed by work and the weekend taken up by family commitments, it can seem there is no time at all to stick to a sustainable workout schedule. For those busy[…]

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beginners weight training

Beginners Weight Training Top 5 Tips

Beginning weight training can be confusing. Which exercises should I be doing? How often should I weight train? Do I need them protein shake thingies? With an ever increasing resource of information available to many on the net, including conflicting advice, and advice which appears to have alternative motives, such[…]

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calories burnt

How Many Calories Burnt During Exercise And Fitness Activities?

The number of calories expelled during exercise and fitness activities is a topic of interest for many. The balance of calories consumed and calories expelled ultimately impacts weight management, and therefore many who wish to reduce body weight will seek to exercise and control their dietary intake to ensure healthy[…]

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Mass Building Reps

Exercises And Reps When Mass Building And Cutting

After the initial gains which come from beginning a weight training program, gains in muscle growth can begin to dry up resulting in many trainers periodising their training. Gaining muscle mass and reducing body fat very rarely go hand in hand for advanced trainers, with each goal requiring specific conditions[…]

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calfs and abdominals

High Or Low Reps For The Calfs And Abdominals?

The scenario: You hammer your chest, back, shoulders, arms, thighs and hamstrings with a moderate repetition range which is believed to be optimal for muscle growth. The calf and abdominals are stubborn and do not seem to respond greatly however, so do we increase the repetitions due to the fact[…]

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training forearms

Training The Forearms

The forearms naturally get exercised during many workouts which involve heavy lifting, as the forearm muscles are called upon during the action of gripping. Back workouts can be particularly stimulating for the forearms, with deadlifts, pull ups and rows requiring a strong grip as well as requiring flexion of the[…]

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barbell curls or dumbbell curls

Barbell Curls Or Dumbbell Curls?

Q. I have just started going to the gym and my goals are to increase my muscle size, especially in my arms! I have looked through websites to see all the exercises which can be used to exercise different muscle parts and I am finding some of it confusing. For[…]

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bigger chest

3 Steps To a Bigger Chest

Is your chest lagging in size and not responding well to training? These three steps will enhance your chest training by fully engaging the muscle, resulting in greater stimulation. Whilst these three steps to a bigger chest only focus on the training side of muscle growth, for optimal gains a[…]

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exercise at home

How To Exercise More At Home

Many of us live busy lives; getting the kids to school, working long hours, cooking meals, looking after children etc so it can be increasingly difficult to find the time to exercise. Being active is important for health and fitness levels, and just thirty minutes of exercise a day can[…]

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Creatine Before Or After a Workout?

There is some confusion regarding the optimal time to take creatine for maximum benefit. Creatine is a popular sports supplement which is used by many athletes and gym goers due to its ability to replenish energy during intense exercise. Creatine also has positive effects for bodybuilders, such as promoting protein[…]

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