The wars between Vince McMahon and Ted Turner in this industry have been entertaining on several levels. They spawned healthy competition which led to a better product for the fans. It now seems that this rivalry will come to a close as McMahon buys WCW. What will this mean for the future of professional wrestling? What will this mean for the fans?

It can only mean one thing. An even better product will be developed for the fans. How many times have you sat in your living rooms on Monday night and switch back and forth between Nitro and RAw? I know I do. Now they won’t be competing against each othe rbut working with one another to expand the wrestling on TV.

Also, those dream matches that we thought we might never see are a great possibility. Those great matches that cross federation lines. I know that I have always wanted to see Goldberg versus Stone Cold. With the purchase of WCW by Vince McMahon the wrestling fan can finally see those fantasy matches enter the scope of reality.

These new opportunities that exist can create even a stronger product. The matches can become even more inventive and the storylines more intense. The scope of vision for McMahon is great, and he has always given the fans an exceptional product. This new growth will add depth to the talent pool. More talent will increase the storyline potential. With an increase of potential it is inevitable for the matches to increase in quality as well. Some see the quality of wrestling in this country to be declining quickly. This merger breathes new life into the industry.

The acquisition of WCW by the WWF is a strong move to unify the splintering world of professional wrestling. The quality of the product will only get better. Fans will be treated to some tremendous in-ring action as well as a breath of life to the storylines. This can only be good for the wrestling industry. Sports entertainment can reach a new level of excellence in this merger of dominant forces in the industry. Just like when AT&T merged with TCI cable, the cable quality increased, the same will happen in professional wrestling. Welcome to a new and even better era.


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