Tank Abbott Interview

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Tank Abbott

Tank Abbott Interview

Tank, give me your thoughts regarding the night of your title shot against Sid? Tell me about how you felt about that match.

Tank Abbott: Well basically, I was out there and I achieved my objective, which was to hurt him. When he was getting his ribs checked out in the hospital, I was at the bar having a cocktail. I didn’t really care about what was going on, because he was in pain and I was in ecstasy having a good time.

Could you take Ken Shamrock in a fight?

TA: Well let’s put it this way, he had two opportunities to fight me and he pulled out both times, so you go figure out what’s going on. I never pull out of a fight.

DTD:What do you see for yourself in the future with WCW?

TA: Obviously I’ll be the world champion. The sooner, the better.

When do you think you will have that opportunity again?

TA: As soon as I get there… I have no idea. You never know in this business. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next year.

Are you happy with WCW management?

TA: Yeah, everything is copasetic with me.

If you were on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire,” who would your lifeline be?

TA: Wow. I don’t think I could call myself, so I think I would call… well, I don’t think there’s anybody brighter than myself, so I wouldn’t call anybody.

Who would win in a fight between you and me?

TA: Obviously, you’d go to the hospital, but you’d get the “W,” because I’d let ya. You’d win, but you’d be in the hospital

How long would I be in the hospital for?

TA: Last person I sent to the hospital did two and a half weeks, so I think you might out do him.

If Fred Flintstone knows that the ribs are going to flip his car over, how come he orders them everytime?

TA: Obviously, he’s not very bright.

Have you seen Beyond the Mat?

TA: No. I have not. I’m gonna see it. I had to travel the day it came out. When I get home I’m gonna go check it out.

Do you mind if I ask you how long it has taken you to grow your beard?

TA: (laughs) Yeah I mind.

Anything you’d like to say to all the Tank Abbott fans out there reading this on SteroidsLive.com?

TA: Well, just keep tuned because the adventures keep on rolling down the road.

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