Women Bodybuilders And All They Sacrifice….

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Women Bodybuilders And All They Sacrifice….

After going to a local BB’er Competition  and watching the women compete at such a high level and even show definition that was comparable to the men ( just not the size ).  There I sat as several very ripped , very defined women crossed the stage and showed no disparity from the men that walked a half hour earlier.

So the question I had at the end of the day was ” Why was the women’s prize so much less than the men’s. It was 50 % less, really? Did they work 50 % less or spend 50 % less time in the gym?

Some of my answers were sitting next to me in the form of a beautiful yet muscular lady sitting next to me. A former woman bodybuilder was sitting next to me, and I chatted with her for a while and then , with caution I explained who I am. She said she actually reads my blog and had quite a few questions for me.  So I passed on to her my lack of understanding to her, with a look of hatred , she went on a ten minute rant that could have lasted an hour longer if I had allowed it.

She said ” The men get prep areas , while the women get a hallway with only a sheet stopping the view from continuing down to those that walk by. The money , respect ,and endorsement deals are all less than those of men performers.

The idea is that men bring in bigger crowds and money.

I look at it from a stand point of risks, women seem to take more to receive less.

The list of side effects are much larger for a woman , which include overall manliness.

Now while the lady next to me was a few years out from being on stage , you could still see a few attributes that remained.

She was very pretty just the same , and though her physique was much firmer than mine, I still , if single , would try my hardest.

I must say  this seems unjust and the powers that be must do something, or risk a future of generations of resentful women bb’ers .

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