Will Jens “Little Evil” Pulver Continue Fighting Or Retire?

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Will Jens “Little Evil” Pulver Continue Fighting Or Retire?

Jens Pulver just suffered a devistating first round loss to Urijah Faber at WEC 34. He was obviously emotional after his loss saying that he felt like a really old 34 year old man. Will Little Evil come back, or will he hang up the gloves? Here are some quotes from Jens Pulver’s website that were posted after the fight.

“I never meant to get all emotional in the interview after the fight but when he asked me if I am still relevant it got me thinking,” wrote Pulver. “I could hear the crowd and boy I have to tell you it was loud and really started to move me inside that cage. Thus the ‘F’ bomb at the end. I guess I was saying that to myself just happened to be out loud.

“There is nothing but doubt running through my mind, wondering if I am hanging on to long or am I really just at the point of turning things around. I do feel great when I am getting prepared (but I) just had so many things going against me this time it was tough to get away for a good solid two months to give myself the best chance of winning. I do not know where I am (going to) go from here and I do not know if you all just watched the last fight for ‘Lil Evil.”

“I love this sport and I have loved watching it grow and become bigger and bigger as each month passes,” he continued. “I guess it is time to just go home and figure out where to go next. I can say this it has been an honor to fight in front of all of you who have taken the time watch and all of you who take the time to come on here and say whats up. I wish you all the best in the world. again my apologies to my family, my camp at AMC and to my fans.”

It is my hopes that Jens can pull it together and get back in the cage. MMA is a sport where 34 years old isn’t that old. I think Jens is a great fighter and just needs to find his stride again. He may not be able to take out Faber, but could stay in the top 10 fighters in his weight class, which is nothing to be ashamed of. What do you think?

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