WEC To Begin Holding More Frequent Events

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WEC To Begin Holding More Frequent Events

When the average person hears “Mixed Martial Arts” they think UFC.  The lead MMA promotion in the world has to be the Zuffa-run enterprise.  Coming up closely behind it though, is the WEC.  Since it’s purchase by Zuffa, World Extreme Cagefighting is emerging to be the premiere fight promotion for lighter weight fighters.  The rapidly growing promotion continues to expand….

From MMAWeekly.com:

“World Extreme Cagefighting began operations on June 30, 2001, in Lemoore, Calif., and held its first 24 events there before being purchased by Ultimate Fighting Championship parent company Zuffa in 2006. Its next seven events took place in Las Vegas, the promotion’s new home base.

Beginning in February 2008, the decision was made to take the show on the road.

In 2008 the WEC went to Albuquerque, N.M.; Sacramento, Calif.; and Hollywood, Fla. Thus far in 2009, the promotion has only held one event in Las Vegas, but has traveled to San Diego, Calif.; Corpus Christi, Texas; Chicago; and back to Sacramento with their next show on Oct. 10 scheduled for San Antonio, Texas.

Along with taking its product to new U.S. markets, the WEC now plans to hold more frequent events.

WEC co-founder and general manager Reed Harris told MMAWeekly.com, “Starting with this October show, the WEC is doing a show a month until next summer.”

Typically the WEC averages an event every two months. The most fight cards it has put on in a single year before 2009 was six. This year they’ll beef that schedule up to eight. ”

With WEC holding events more frequently, this should be a great opportunity for fighters to make a name for themselves.  With more airtime, fighters who may not have made it to the televised cards will undoubtedly have a better chance to shine.  Up and coming fighters will most likely benefit a great deal from the added WEC dates, and the fans should do just the same.

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