Does Ronnie Coleman Use Steroids?

does ronnie coleman use steroids

No Admission, but Lots of Support

A website with the address of has direct links to buy anabolic steroids. If the reader who clicks the “Buy Now” button will quickly be taken to and will have plethora of steroids and performance-enhancing drugs to choose from. The site is complete with appealing hype and pictures to motivate the novice weightlifter to have illusions of grandeur. It can’t be determined who set up the site with Ronnie Coleman’s name; there is no tab to tell about the site’s creator. But clearly, whoever created it is quick to accuses and simultaneously acquit Coleman of steroid use.

Coleman says It’s About Hard Work and Genetics

Ronnie Coleman has won the Mr. Olympia title eight times. Many more times than that, he has been asked if he uses steroids.  He’s avoided the answer, but speaks openly about what he’s done in his career, and always goes back to work ethic and genetics as the reasons for his success.

Coleman’s beginnings were somewhat humble. He was a college football player at Grambling State who made few headlines, after all, he graduated. How many football stars hang around for a diploma before heading to the pros?

“I wasn’t given the genetics for football. This is my gift right here,” said Coleman of weightlifting in comparison to his un-spectacular performance on the gridiron.

ronnie coleman college

Coleman became a police officer in Arlington, TX after graduating college and was still walking the beat when he won his first Mr. Olympia title in 1999.

“You can’t do this if you’re not dedicated … it’s extremely hard, especially trying to work a job and do it,” he said.

Coleman said that the feeling that comes with winning a title is almost as good as winning the lottery, and said it  is about good genetics, talent and hard work, as well as having the right build to begin with.

Claims of Normal Practice…without the Official Claim

Many weight lifting advocates acknowledge, and indirectly condone steroid uses as a normal practice among the athletes they admire. The anonymous advocate of Coleman who sells steroids under the website ties to the celebrity’s name says most people simply don’t understand what goes into a professional weight lifter’s regimen. It is as if steroid use should be shrugged off in the same manner as the fact that most NASCAR drivers drink a lot of beer and like to get rowdy. The majority of weightlifters use steroids, the anonymous author says, while he adds that he won’t directly accuse Coleman and emphasizes that none of the rumors of Coleman’s usage have been proven.

ronnie coleman

Symbol of the Sport’s Discredit

Other online authors stigmatize Coleman as a poster child for the bad reputation that the body building acquired since steroids became available in the 1970s. Remember the power lifters from the Soviet Union and East Germany? Fans all knew doping was the trade mark of Eastern Europe’s competitive weight lifters but rarely complained. So does Ronnie Coleman use steroids like the hulking Slavics of the past? The official answer so far is still “no”. But the implied answer for Ronnie Coleman using steroids, along with most every other successful body builder in the business today is yes.

“Not my Champion”

Ask Deen Gill, CEO of Winners Boxing & Fitness Gym a recognized, respected coach who is certified by the Amateur Boxing Association is Ronnie Coleman uses steroids, he says yes, and adds that that is why Coleman “not my Champion”. Gill has written multiple articles on, where he says Coleman and others have made body building unworthy of mainstream sport recognition.

Dr. Steroids

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