How Long Do Steroids Stay In Your System?

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How Long Do Steroids Stay In Your System?

So you need to take a steroid test? For many jobs, pre-screening for drug use is a pre-requisite for employment. While many standard blood or urine panels only aim to detect common illegal street drugs, more complex tests do detect anabolic steroids. Likewise, if you are a muscular person, and your boss chooses to have you tested specifically for steroids, the panel will pick up anabolic agents. Let’s take a look at just how long it takes for steroids to leave the system, and not show up on tests.

More than one year
Duraxyl 100, Nandroxyl 250, and Turanaxyl all remain in the system for 12 to 18 months. If you take any of these compounds, be aware that you will likely be unable to pass a steroid test for 12 to 18 months. Since it’s very often hard to predict what field we’ll be in over a year from now, these substances should be avoided.

5 – 12 months
Dianoxyl, Boldaxyl 300 and Trenboxyl Enanthate are compounds, which can show up on drug screenings up to a year after they are taken. Some will wash out of the system within 5 months, but they may remain for up to one year.

2 – 4 months
Testoxyl Cypionate, Testoxyl Enanthate, Sustaxyl, Anadroxyl, Haloxyl, and Stanoxyl are drugs, which can show up on a blood or urine screen within one to four months of use. These are acceptable for off-season use by many athletes who are not tested during this period, as they are often out of the system by the time the season starts.

2 to 6 weeks
Trenboxyl Hexa, Primoxyl 100, Oxandroxyl, Stanoxyl (oral), and Testoxyl Propionate are compounds, which work fast and move through the system very quickly. Just as their half-life is short, the positive anabolic effects upon their body are done quickly as well.

Less than one week
Clenbutaxyl and Testosterone Undeconoate (Andriol) clear the system in one day or less. These compounds are ideal to use up to the week before a tested bodybuilding or powerlifting show. Additionally, Testoxyl Suspension clears the system in three days.

If you are concerned about passing a drug test, you may want to reconsider if the job or competition you are entering is a correct match for you, as it’s obvious that repeated long-term planning will certainly limit your drug use and therefore gains. However, if you find yourself in a position where testing is inevitable, use the guidelines above to make sure you come up clear!

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