The Ultimate Fighter 9 Episode 10 Recap

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The Ultimate Fighter 9 Episode 10 Recap

As we start, the two teams are neck and neck at 4 apiece, and the fighters are being chosen for the episode. A very exciting change was posed by UFC President, Dana White, that each team have two fighters square off against one of their teammates, this being the semi-finals. This would ensure an American against a Brit, guaranteed, in the finals. Team captains have mixed feelings, with Bisbing a little miffed that there is no longer a chance of an all-Brit final round.

After the first commercial, Pierce’s loyalty came into question after he was called out for spending too much time with Team UK. The evidence against him is substantial, and he is all-but disowned by his teammates. At being confronted by Dan Henderson, the coach for team US, everything was denied and Henderson left it to fate, feeling that everything would come out in the wash.

The anticipated fight between Nick from team UK and Damarques from team US was once thought to be almost unfairly unmatched, until Nick decided to use some information team UK acquired from Pierce. The fight suddenly appears to be tipped a bit more in the favor of team UK.

The Fight:

Damarques comes out strong, with Nick wearing the look of a man with an unexpected edge. The inside information appears to be useless, as Nick is basically manhandled for the first round’s first three minutes. The last two minutes see the match turn from primarily a stand-up round to a BJJ battle. Nick used the last thirty seconds to mount an unexpected, but ill-fated comeback as Damarques gives up his ground position. The last ten seconds see Damarques finish the round with a clear advantage.

The second round starts the same as the first, but with a quicker transition to ground. Damarques dominates with heavy strikes and masterful transitions. At 2:45, Damarques is clearly losing steam, and still can’t pass guard, with the exception of an armbar that he gave up on. The third round ends with Damarques in a good triangle hold position and Nick in the fetal position defending against a Ground-and-Pound that would have ended the fight, if it were coming from a fighter who wasn’t as gassed.

The first two minutes of the last round is a pitiful show from two fighters on empty tanks. Finally, Damarques took it to the ground and quickly gained an advantage. With a minute left, Nick reversed to an open offense, but squandered it until the time ran out and the horn sounded.

All in all, the fight was just as one-sided as expected, and almost uneventful with the exception of the end of the first round. The stand-up battle at that point in the fight was described by Dana White as, “What fighting is all about…” and, “one of the best fights I’ve seen….” At the end of the day, Damarques will be going to the finals, and Nick Osipczak will be hanging up his trunks for this season.

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