Top 10 MMA Gift Ideas for Christmas 2009

Every true MMA enthusiast would love to receive an MMA related gift for Christmas, however we all know that someone who is not an avid MMA fan, might have a hard time picking out the right mixed martial arts gift to give. We, here at World Extreme Fighter want to ensure that Santa has no problems picking out that perfect MMA gift this season, so we have compiled a list of the top ten MMA gifts ideas for Christmas 2009 to help him out. Here are our picks:

10. UFC Action Figurines

We realize that most MMA fans stopped playing with action figures a long time ago, but when is the last time they had a Brock Lesnar or Chuck Liddell action figure to play with? These action figures have been created from the image of real guys who kick real ass in the cage. You might be surprised how a little battle between Chuck and Brock on your desktop at work could help relieve some stress. Action figures aren’t just for kids anymore.9. Tapout Shot Glass Set

These are a must have for anyone who throws fight night parties. These cool shot glasses are MMA fan favorites. Bottoms up!8. Life Size Arianny Celeste Poster

Every real MMA fan needs a life size poster of Arianny Celeste in their garage or by their bar. It’s easy on the eyes and is a guaranteed conversation piece. There isn’t a straight man on the planet that won’t love this gift.7. Official UFC Gloves

Now I know all MMA fans don’t actually fight, but there isn’t a true MMA fan who wouldn’t like to try on those super cool UFC gloves and imagine they are about to step into the Octagon to face a fierce opponent. Whether these things are used to punch someone’s face, or just something cool to hang in the gym or by your bar as decor, UFC gloves are cool to have.6. TAPOUT Magazine Subscription

Sure, SteroidsLive is a great place to visit online to read about MMA, but what are you going to read when you are on the toilet? Because no MMA fan should use the bathroom without good MMA reading material, we think a subscription to Tapout Magazine would be a great gift idea.5. UFC Heavy Bag

Why a UFC Heavy bag? Because it looks cool! Hey, we know your striking ability won’t be any better if you hit a UFC bag rather than an Everlast or another brand bag, however your gym is going to look much sicker and you just might spend more time in there getting in shape. For motivational reasons alone, the UFC heavy bag is worth a couple extra bucks for the MMA enthusiast.4. 2010 UFC Calendar

Everyone needs some way to keep track of important dates such as holidays, MMA Events and birthdays. For the MMA enthusiast, the best way to track these things is with a 2010 UFC wall calendar. Why have some lame calendar with pictures of landscapes, or wildlife when you can have a calendar that has photos of your favorite UFC fighters. It’s a no brainer gift that every MMA fan could use.3. UFC Ultimate 100 Greatest Fights DVD

This DVD is a compilation of the 100 best UFC fights ever and promises to entertain the avid and casual MMA fan again and again. Lets face it, some MMA fights are boring and just don’t live up to the hype. This DVD, cuts out all that crap and gives you just the meat and potatoes. Only the worthy bouts made this DVD.2. BJ Penn’s Mixed Martial Arts Book of Knowledge
After BJ Penn proved his MMA mastery by picking apart Diego Sanchez at UFC 107, what MMA enthusiast doesn’t want to know what BJ Penn has to say about MMA training and fighting. This book is written by a top pound for pound mixed martial artist and can help an avid fan or fighter to expand their knowledge of MMA. To be a master one must obtain the knowledge of a master. In addition to BJ Penn’s Book of Knowledge, we also recommend “My Fighting Life” by Chuck Liddell.1. UFC Undisputed 2009 Video Game
What better way to live out your MMA fantasies than by playing the UFC Undisputed 2009 Video Game? This game allows you to battle it out in the Octagon with your favorite UFC characters such as GSP, BJ Penn and many many others. For most of us, this is the closest we will ever get to stepping in a cage. It plain and simply is a must have for the MMA enthusiast.Well, there it is, the top 10 MMA gifts for Christmas 2009. We hope this list is helpful for anyone shopping for MMA related gifts for someone special. If we missed any cool MMA gift ideas, please leave a comment and let us know what it is. Happy holidays!

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