Tito Ortiz Arrested for Domestic Violence

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Tito Ortiz Arrested for Domestic Violence

According to TMZ which was on scene:

Tito Ortiz was just arrested for felony domestic violence at the home he shares with Jenna Jameson.

We’re told when cops arrived at the couple’s home in Huntington Beach, CA — Jenna Jameson had “visible injuries.”

We’re told someone called 911 today at 9:53 AM and reported a “disturbance.”

Tito is currently in custody and on his way to a Huntington Beach jail in Orange County, CA.

Tito and Jenna are not married — but they have twin boys together.

On the TMZ website there is a short video of Tito being put in the back of a police car and another of Jenna saying she’s going to press charges.

This is not good for the MMA community.  Tito was just starting to win back fans and repair his image with an impressive coaching performance on Season 11 of The Ultimate Fighter and he had recently resigned with the UFC last June.  Hell, I was even working on an article praising Tito for his positive behavior and example he was setting on the show, but I scrapped that one quick.

It had been learned that Tito gets replaced at some point on this season of TUF by Rich Franklin for unknown reasons, and now this is just adding fuel to the fire.  The UFC was put in a similar position a couple years ago when Rampage Jackson went on his energy drink fueled police chase, but the public views domestic violence on a whole other level of awful.  They will be much less forgiving of Tito than they were of Rampage.

Now the big question is: what will the UFC do with Tito and his huge contract now?

Update: Dana White says Tito could be cut from the organization

UFC honcho Dana White tells TMZ Tito Ortiz could be booted from the organization if the domestic violence charges against him prove legit. 

White says, “We’re gonna be fair, but we could cut him.”

White wants to wait until the police reports are in, but the UFC can take action even before the legal process runs its course. “Other than going on a killing spree, being accused of domestic violence is the worst thing you can have going for you,” White says.

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  1. Ryan Glaser says:

    This doesn’t really shock me. Tito has always been quite the tool. I think he may have come to the realization that Jenna is the only person he could actually beat in a fight anymore. Or maybe he just found out she use to be a pornstar? Lol. He really isn’t the smartest peanut in the turd.

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