The Winstrol Mystique

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The Winstrol Mystique

As a somewhat knowledgeable steroid blogger, I realize that along with untrue roomers about the side effects, that there is just as many about actual effects.  And outside of our community, there are the known steroids, which seem to be but not limited to – Deca, D-Bol, Winstrol, and maybe Testosterone.  The one that concerns me the most is the mystique of winstrol and what it actually does.

Winstrol by all accounts seems like a very effect steroid, but the issue is for who is it really useful.  To be honest, outside of competing Bodybuilders, not too many.  It does have a great ability to make definition more pronounced.  This happens to be where most get confused, winstrol is NOT capable of taking a fat lard ass and making Ronnie Coleman out of them.  For some strange reason most new comers believe it can, so  hate to be the one to denounce it but it isn’t that good.

On top of the fantasy based effects, winstrol is terrible to be use by athletes.  It has a unneeded  side effect of making tendons larger but weaker, because though it increases collagen synthesis it drastically decreases collagen cross linking integrity.  This being the reason why its unique talents aren’t for everyone,  basically its not good for many.  Even with its strength increasing ability, the downside seem to make it not worth the risk.  So with this I declare to you beginners, don’t believe the hype.

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