The Customer Service Of Our Juice Sources

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The Customer Service Of Our Juice Sources

So I joined a Thread on my Forum last week and it happened to turn into a good debate , so I figured why not bring it to my readers and maybe get some feedback from them.

The issue was a member was upset because he felt that the source was rude and wasn’t really willing to answer a simple question he had. This member thought since he was spending his hard earn money , he deserved a resemblance of customer service.

My point was that this is a black market industry, and within a black market you get most of the shady side of the community.

This is not or Walmart, and just like any other similar transaction , you must get involved with these type of people to get what you need.

Now another well respected member jumped in with:

I would disagree to a point.

They are competing for business from hundreds of other sources out their.

Some answer your questions without an attitude knowing the concerns their customers have.

Others are total dicks that don’t deserve more of my business.

Sources are a dime a dozen and I don’t have to put up with their disrespect.

However, I can understand the redundant questions coming over and over again that might get old at some point.

Nevertheless, the source ought to understand human nature and account for that with their responses.

Now this is a good and relevant point as far as I am concerned, and the other perspective always helps in such a debate, so I read through and thought it over.

The conclusion I came to was , it’s a valid point and respect should be universal in any industry, but unfortunately , we are dealing with illegal substances , from illegal merchants , arriving from obscure places.

If I bought illegal firearms I wouldn’t expect to get a receipt with a survey on the bottom of it asking ” How was my service tonight? with an offer to win 5 free glocks if I fill it out” ….

At the end of the day, most sources that need more customers are begging and pleading , while the rest are either good or bad people, and it will show in their responses, but each will still have plenty of business.

Thanks for reading , please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments at [email protected] .

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