Sweden & Their New Found Witch Hunt

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Sweden & Their New Found Witch Hunt

In a world where we have come so far ( racism ,  gender discrimination and so forth ) , it seems we have a long way to go. BB’er Toney Freeman was profiled for being very muscular , which they ( Swedish Police ) feel is an acceptable reason to harass , and detain someone on the suspicion of steroid use. This type of Ignorance can not be condoned , ANYWHERE !!!!!! It seems that Sweden declared war on Bodybuilders , because obviously they use steroids , but how is this any different then pulling someone over that is Black or Spanish in a nice neighborhood.

Profiling is profiling and by intent it is completely and totally wrong.

The incident occurred while making a stop in Sundsvall , Sweden while on his way to the 2010 Fitness Festival in Göteborg.

This was a meet and greet for his fans in this area , and it just happen to be Toney was the first BB’er to arrive in Sweden.

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