The Comp Has Gotten Bigger!!!!

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The Comp Has Gotten Bigger!!!!

With all the buzz going on about my earlier post of  Kalpa Pharmaceuticals vs Dragon Pharma, I received a lot of emails from Supplement Companies that wanted to supply the protein and other needs, and also offer to sponsor this whole arrangement.

I have received hundreds of emails from gentlemen willing to be in the study.

Then I received a call from a Geneza Rep ( source) and he wanted in , but requested I don’t release his info.

Then I got a request from that they want to throw the “New British Dragon” in the ring.

The reasoning For all the interest is right now Kalpa Pharmaceuticals and Dragon Pharma are the IT brand names of the UnderGround Lab scene.

Geneza has always been seen as Dragon Pharma’s Red Headed Step-Child, and wants to try to prove they are just as good.

Now British Dragon wants to see if the new kid on the block can take out the street kings.

Overall the buzz is big , and I plan on keeping the updates to bi-weekly, and I have a plan to make sure the subjects keep everything consistent and on point.

I am excited to see the results .

Now , for all interested to be subjects , please email me the following:




Body Fat %:

Max Out In


Shoulder Presses:


DB Curl:

Weighted Dips:

Cycle History:

All Supplement Companies, please provide what your looking for as far as advertising, what supplements you can supply, and a banner.

Good Luck to all and I will let you know when it all starts, please send all inquiries to [email protected] .

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