Terrell Owens Suitors: Patriots, Seahawks, and More

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Terrell Owens Suitors: Patriots, Seahawks, and More

We are all familiar with the antics of Terrell Owens – Most notably the pomp-pomp’s, the Sharpie, sit-ups in the driveway, and the sideline tirade with Donovan McNabb.  Owens’ career has been almost as flamboyant as Richard Simmons, the major reason he has yet to land with any teams.

Last week Owens said that ESPN is responsible for painting an image of him which is undesirable for organizations in the NFL.

Earlier during this week on a Boston radio interview Owens said he would like to play for Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots.  Owens even said he would do it for less money.  This was news to me, if no one is offering you anything how are you willing to take less money than nothing?

Another team reportedly not ready to rule out a possible TO signing is the Seattle Seahawks.  First year coach, Pete Carroll, is trying to revive the career of his former USC star Mike Williams.  Owens would definitely be a better option.

Everyone I talk to about TO believes he can still contribute to a team.  All of these people also have different opinions of where he should land; the 49ers, Bears, Broncos, Washington, and more.

Are the Pats or Seahawks good landing spots for TO? Who may be some other potential suitors for the aging wide receiver diva?  Could a page from the LeBron James book of self-marketing actually help him out?

Teams Interested in a Rental


I personally think this is a great spot for TO on many fronts. The biggest being why not combine one of the most unlikable guys in the National Football League with one of the most unlikable organizations?

Another great reason is the fact that you don’t know when Wes Welker is going to be able to return to 100%.  Are they supposed to rely on Julian Edelman again? Would you ride a unicycle with a flat tire?

The Pats have almost no running game – the short pass is basically their running game.  This gives you another player who can run drag routes and turn them into big plays.

I know it would be a headache to have TO in a locker room with Randy Moss, but it would also be a headache for opposing defensive coordinators to have to try to cover both of them down field.

If Belichick is willing to take on this challenge, I believe that quarterback Tom Brady could be looking at another 40 plus touchdown season.

Former great Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi says, “If TO joins the Patriots, I’ll do sit ups in my driveway.”


My brother made a great point on the podcast when we discussed this possible engagement before.  Carroll should bring on this loose cannon because Owens is better than what they are working with.  If Owens acts a fool and the team performs poorly then he can use TO as the scapegoat for year one.

I think coach Carroll relates well with players who have big personalities and egos after spending so many seasons at USC.

Seahawks QB, Matt Hasselbeck also deserves to have some added weapons at the end of his career.   Trying to revive the career of Williams is a nice thing, but a 36 year old Owens is a better option.

Other Unlikely Good Fits

San Francisco 49ers – I would like to see TO end his career where it all started and play for a strict disciplinarian like head coach Mike Singletary.

Denver Broncos – Losing Brandon Marshall to the Dolphins creates an opening for a WR who can make plays.  However, this would be like trading Lindsay Lohan and getting Britney Spears.

Chicago Bears – The acquisition of Jay Cutler is nice, but when you don’t have anyone to throw to, a big armed QB is worthless.  I don’t believe head coach Lovie Smith is willing to take on this challenge.

Washington Redskins – There have been rumors of TO hooking back up with newly acquired Redskins QB, Donovan McNabb.  I believe this would be a great place for TO next season – History tells us they are a Super Bowl combination.

Minnesota Vikings – If Brett Favre were to come back this would be a tremendous opportunity for TO.  It would take some coverage off Sidney Rice and allow Percy Harvin to play the slot and come out of the backfield.

TO – The “Incision”

James recently faulted when he made his “Decision”.   I believe some of his advisors told him to do the show on ESPN to show how tough this decision was for him.  They wanted James to show remorse and compassion for the people of Cleveland, that the decision was actually about something bigger than being an Ohio native.

TO could do the opposite by setting up an hour long interview with a guy like Michael Wilbon and let Wilbon cut him up in what I call the “Incision”.  TO would have to take some lumps for what he has done in the NFL and explain in detail why he thinks he is misunderstood.  Tears and admitting you’re trying to turn things around could go a long way.

Note To TO

Dear Mr. Owens,

I believe at age 36 you can still be a major contributor to several teams in the NFL – although most teams would rather skip blindfolded on the freeway than sign you.

There may be a few teams willing to take this adventure if you can get your ego in check and become a better teammate.  I know you have the drive to be the best player on the field, but finding a way to control your emotions would serve you and your new teammates well.

I know you enjoy doing all of the off the field stuff in the world of entertainment,  acting/reality shows.  Crappy television programs will still be running in 2-3 years when you decide to hang it up.

Look at the all-time great of your position, Jerry Rice.  He did not get involved with other crap until his career was over because being the best player he could be was the only thing that mattered to him.

On every team in the game of football there are going to be mistakes – and yes you will make some of them.  You are not God. I know this because God wouldn’t drop the ball as often as you do.

You have to learn to shut your mouth and accept blame when necessary.  If your QB doesn’t hit you on a route when you’re open one time, respectfully let him know and move on.

When you lose a close game, don’t find ways to blame your team or throw certain players under the bus – these actions help no one.

Stop blaming other people for your negative personal image and accept the fact that your attitude at times has made you less than desirable to be around.

Many fans I know and have talked to view you and your antics as a joke.  No one debates that you’ve been extremely talented throughout your career, but many people think of you as a famous circus clown.

Someone will give you a shot this season and I hope for your sake that you just shut up and play football.  This will likely be your last opportunity to stop acting like a selfish punk.

I hear you say “I’m not a player who gets into off the field trouble”.  The last time I checked you don’t get rewarded for staying out of jail, that’s something everyone should strive to do.  Best wishes wherever you end up this season.


Tony Tucker

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