Brett Favre High School Workout—A Possible Comeback?

Now that we are done with one over dramatic “Decision” by LeBron James, we can move on to another sports diva with a pending decision, Brett Favre.

On Monday Favre did his seemingly annual workout at a Hattiesburg, Mississippi high school by throwing to high school students. Reports are that this is the second time this summer he’s worked out at the high school.

Favre, who is still rehabbing from surgery for a terrible injury to his left ankle, refused to comment to reporters when he finished the workout. He also did the same thing last summer before he announced his return to the Minnesota Vikings.

ESPN’s John Clayton expects Favre to be with the Vikings by August 18th – no later than that if he is going to return. Favre and the Vikings had a 12 – 4 record last season and came within an overtime interception against the New Orleans Saints from going to the Super Bowl.

If Favre does return to the Vikings, this will make them one of the strongest teams in the NFC and a likely pick to return to the NFC title game and fight for a different outcome.

Favre is still chasing that elusive second Super Bowl ring and has a great chance to get it if he decides to return for his 20th season.

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