McNabb, Owens Wearing the Same Headdress Again

The Donovan McNabb and (T.O.) Terrell Owens experiment was almost the perfect disaster.  To outsiders, it appeared to be the worst chemistry dynamic of any receiver and quarterback in NFL history.

According to a story titled, “Sources: McNabb Open to T.O. in D.C.” from ESPN NFL reporter Ed Werder and ESPN reporter Sal Paolantonio, several sources have confirmed that McNabb encouraged the Redskins’ organization to sign free-agent T.O.

On Tuesday, McNabb denied suggesting that the Redskins should sign his former teammate in a conversation with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols.

“I never said that to anyone about T.O. It’s just not true,” McNabb said to Nichols. “I’m in a new place, trying to get comfortable, not start anything or push for anything. I am very happy with the receivers I have.”

Mr. McNabb, don’t be afraid to finally ask for talented receivers, someone from the Redskins’ organization might actually listen.

Redskins first-year head coach, Mike Shanahan, is on record as saying they aren’t pursuing T.O.  They want to exhaust every other option before they go that route, like bring in (WR) wide receivers to work out. WR who have no talent and haven’t been in the NFL for two years.

It’s Not Your Worst Idea

Currently on the Skins depth chart at WR, they have Santana Moss, Malcolm Kelly, and Marko Mitchell.  With that, you have a solid No. 2 and two guys who couldn’t catch AIDS in Africa.

On Monday, the Skins attempted to add depth to the position by signing Marques Hagans and Roydell Williams.  Williams hasn’t played since 2007, and when he did, less than impressive would be a compliment about his performance.

The Skins only have four picks in this upcoming draft and have other needs they must address as well, especially offensive line.

They could trade QB Jason Campbell, but the chances they’d get anything higher than a 4th rounder for him is slim.  They could find a WR in the 4th who could contribute immediately, but more than likely, they will find another guy like they already have on the roster.

When your other ideas are guys who couldn’t stand out in the AFL (Arena Football League), perhaps testing fate isn’t such a bad idea.

Upset Stomach Away from Super Bowl

There is no guarantee that putting the gun to your head that is T.O., means a bullet will fire.  With that being said, what do you (Skins) have to lose?

I know the overzealous owner Daniel Snyder wants to pull the trigger on this deal. With no current salary cap, the league is tailor made for a billionaire like him.

Shanahan has expressed interest in T.O. in the past, but would probably only be willing to take on the challenge if the contract was heavily based with financial incentives, in attempts to control his behavior.  It makes sense – that is the same thing I do with my 3-year old stepson.

Make this a one-year experiment the same way the Buffalo Bills did. The only reason the Bills aren’t trying to re-sign T.O. is that the risk for a second-year meltdown is too high since they aren’t going to win more than a few games.

Unless you can find someone with T.O.’s ability and the maturity level higher than that of a high schooler, then make the deal.  Most coaches would give up sex for an entire year to have a chance to win the Super Bowl, and this could do it.  Another reason I couldn’t be a head coach.

If the Skins are that opposed to bringing in T.O., they could contact Jerry Rice.  After Rice’s attempts to be a professional golfer, maybe he’s up for another bad idea.

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