The “Terminator” Part Was Given to Bodybuilder Roland Kickinger

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The “Terminator” Part Was Given to Bodybuilder Roland Kickinger

Fans of the thriller “Terminator” will no longer see Arnold Schwarzenegger play the leading role. Austrian bodybuilder and actor Roland Kickinger will play in his place in the first part of the trilogy “Terminator: Salvation”. This was announced by “Ain’t It Cool News”.

Althought the information has not been officially confirmed yet by Warner Bros., but the web-site already indicates the role of T-800 to belong to Kickinger.

The producer of the movie “Terminator: Salvation” is Joseph McGinty Nichol. The release of the movie is planned for May 22, 2009. The script was written by the authors of the third part of the movie – John Brancato and Michael Ferris.

The events of the new movie take place in the future, when opposition under the leadership of John Connor is fighting against computer network “Skynet” which tries to destroy mankind. By the way, the leading role of John Connor in the movie “Terminator: Salvation” will be played by Christian Bail.

Other co-stars in the movie include: Sam Worthington, Helena Bonham Carter, Anton Elchin, Moon Bloodgood, and rapper Common.

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