Steroids Should Be Legal? Interview with a Frustrated Bodybuilder

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Steroids Should Be Legal? Interview with a Frustrated Bodybuilder

This is an interesting video on the use of anabolic steroids. Every person would react to it their own way. Here’s a quite revolutionary opinion of Adam Nomad, a bodybuilder from Canada, on the topic, shared by him during the interview.

Q.: Mr. Nomad, tell us in brief about yourself, please.

A.: I am 35 years old and I am a very successful business man, who has been working for a large German company for over 15 years. I am product manager and also have a university degree in Marketing Management. I also have my own property development company where I build houses and speculate in the property market. I am married to a wonderful wife and have twin daughters.

Q.: And what about your physical activity? You look like a bodybuilder, do you do anything to enhance your appearance?

A.: I work out in the gym five times a week or more building my body.

Q.: Have you had any experience with anabolic steroids?

Sure I have, all bodybuilders use them. Even those, who name themselves “natural bodybuilders”. It’s like surgery – many go under knife, but nobody confesses.

Q.: But anabolic steroids are known to have pretty tragic side effects, like baldness, breast growth, impotence, to name a few. Have you experienced any of these or other side effects on your body?

A.: This may sound picture perfect, but for now I have had no side effects from taking anabolic steroids and I am a fully functional person and make more than a productive contribution to society and do not harm anyone with my actions and I believe with all my heart, that I am not harming my own health either. I have educated myself regarding the intake of these substances and would challenge most doctors with the knowledge I have built up over the years and my understanding of the specific training regimen I am involved in.

Q.: Do you think, that steroids, which are illegal, should be freely used worldwide?

A.: What I do not understand is why women are free to put silicone breasts (an absolutely foreign substance to the human body) into their bodies to enhance their appearance but men are not allowed to increase their testosterone levels (and that is a hormone that already exists in their body) to do the same. I do not understand, how alcohol could be legal, when it is an absolutely mind altering substance and kills many people every year, but anabolic steroids and growth hormone are not mind altering at all but are perceived as totally taboo subjects. How is this possible and how is this fair?

Q.: How do other people react to your way of life, your point of view?

A.: I am tired of people viewing me and people like me in the light that they do just because they are totally uneducated about the subject. I am tired of feeling like a criminal because my view point is from a group of people that are clearly being misunderstood by the majority.

Q.: How would you comment on the YouTube video about anabolic steroids?

A.: I am tired of the way the media sensationalize the subject every time they talk about it and always have these theories on the side effects of steroids where there are no fundamental truths to their claims. There is not a single study in the world that can prove anabolic steroids to be fatal. This video is just one of the examples regarding the claim I just made. For some reason people do not want to see the truth about anabolic steroids and rather believe the unfound and unsubstantiated theories that are much more sensational than the truth.

Q.: Anabolic steroids are forbidden for athletes to provide fair sporting events, otherwise the world of sport would depend only on the amount of the substances consumed by the athletes. Is that not enough to ban steroids?

A.: I harm nobody by taking anabolic steroids as part of a personal training regimen, I do not advocate the use of anabolic steroids by athletes, who want to gain an unfair advantage or to young children who are not fully developed yet, but I do not see, why the public should treat me like a criminal for my wanting to enhance my physique and appearance by taking these substances.

Q.: What is the way the public treats anabolic steroids, in your opinion?

A.: The vast majority of people in the world are totally uneducated about the subject and have the perception that anabolic steroids are like narcotics. But this is not true. Alcohol, in my opinion, is more like a narcotic, than anabolic steroids, and for exactly that reason I do not drink alcohol at all.

Q.: What would you like to tell the world about anabolic steroids, if you could talk to every single person?

A.: My goal is to try and gain worldwide support from people like me in an attempt to educate the people around us who want to criminalize this kind of training regimen. I feel that people like me, who follow this kind of training regimen, gets victimized and are always misunderstood because the greater part of the society are clueless as to what it is about. I am not a competitive athlete and do not want to achieve an unfair advantage over any other athlete. I am doing this purely for myself and to achieve a certain look I desire, as well as many other bodybuilders do. I’d like to turn to all people and explain them the truth about anabolic steroids, but not that good piece of “unbiased” information in the YouTube video. Not surprisingly, this piece of footage never received much attention from the main stream media. I would be very interested to see, what the world wide response would be on my words and I would even like to sign a petition to approach governments like the US and Australia and get the other side of the story publicized.

This is a point of view on anabolic steroids expressed by Adam Nomad, just one of you. Maybe you don’t agree with him and think, that there’s no place for anabolic steroids in sport and bodybuilding in particular, or, vice versa, you hold absolutely the same view point. Feel free to leave you comments.


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  2. mike jones says:

    I love steroids i eat that shit for breakfast lunch and dinner…and snacks….they are my friends…they help me… i only flip out because people piss me off!!!! i shoot up like three times a day and my balls are still like grapefruits so all that talk about steroids making you balls small is a joke they just say that so no one will take them… my penis has grows 5 inches sence i’ve started taking steroids because i always beat off after i shoot up….Steroids are great and i’ll will continue to take them untill i die…

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