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Bodybuilding And Fitness Quiz

Want to test your knowledge on bodybuilding and fitness? Take our fifteen question quiz and see how you score!

#1 Which of the following are antagonistic muscle groups?

a) Triceps and Deltoids
b) Biceps and Triceps
c) Quadriceps and Triceps
d) Triceps and Chest

#2 Which of the following exercises will incorporate unilateral training?

a) Chest Dips
b) Dumbbell Flys
c) Machine Press
d) Push Ups

#3 “Caps” is the gym slang for which muscle group?

a) Deltoids
b) Biceps
c) Calfs
d) Trapezius

#4 “Aint nuttin but a peanut” is a saying from which Mr Olympian?

a) Arnold Schwarzenegger
b) Ronnie Coleman
c) Greyham Squirrel
d) Lee Haney

#5 Leaning forward and flaring the arms outward during the dip will shift greater emphasis onto the triceps. True or false?

a) True
b) False

#6 Which of the following exercises would be most effective for pre-exhausting the chest?

a) Dumbbell Bench Press
b) Barbell Bench Press
c) Dips
d) Cable Fly

#7 Performing an exercise slowly through the eccentric phrase of an exercise with greater load to cause greater stimulus is a high intensity training technique referred to as ________?

a) Drop Sets
b) Cheat Reps
c) Negatives
d) Burn Outs

#8 Who won Mr Olympia in 2008?

a) Ronnie Coleman
b) Jay Cutler
c) Dexter Jackson
d) Melvin Anthony

#9 Which of the following exercises best directly targets the lateral deltoid head?

a) Bench Press
b) Dead Lift
c) Side Raise
d) Bent Over Row

#10 Which supplement has the chemical name methylguanido-acetic acid?

a) Creatine
b) Glutamine
c) ALA
d) CLA

#11 Which muscle is effectively targeted with the seated calf raise?

a) Gastrocnemius
b) Soleus
c) Obliques
d) Dorsal Flexor

#12 What is a calorie?

a) An unit of energy
b) Quantity of food
c) 1g of foodstuff
d) A macronutrient

#13 The muscle soreness experienced the days after training a muscle is referred to as ____?


#14 Which brothers founded the International Federation of BodyBuilders (IFBB)?

a) Schwarzenegger Brothers
b) Nubret Brothers
c) Weider Brothers
d) Haney Brothers

#15 Pro Bodybuilder Dennis Wolf is from which country?

a) USA
b) Germany
c) Canada
d) Austria

How did you score?

13-15 – Well done! You have graduated from the SteroidsLive School of Fitness and Bodybuilding.
10-12 – Not bad. Room for improvement so keep reading SteroidsLive!
7-9 – Hmm, still a bit to learn. Keep reading and educating yourself!
Below 7 – Poor result. A lot more reading is needed!

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