Shane Carwin Calls Brock Lesnar a “Liar”

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Shane Carwin Calls Brock Lesnar a “Liar”

We know Brock Lesnar, the WWE star and Brock Lesnar the UFC Heavyweight Champ, but do we know Brock Lesnar the liar? According to Shane Carwin, that is exactly what Brock Lesnar is, a liar. Apparently Lesnar told that he recently had a chance to hang out with Carwin and they tested their punching power against one another. This interview with Lesnar later turned out to be fake, but still pissed off Carwin .

Here is the fake Brock Lesnar quote from the Fake interview:

“Shane Carwin and I actually met the day before UFC 96. He is a great guy – we actually had our punch forces tested too.“We were told to throw the hardest right cross we could on a punching bag. I was able to rack up 1350 pounds per square inch. He did a little over 1200, making my punch harder.”

Here is what Shane Carwin had to say to Five Ounces of Pain about Lesnar’s comment:

“The guy is a freaking liar,” said Carwin. “We never meet at UFC 96, I was getting ready for a battle with Gonzaga not hanging out at Dave and Busters with Brock. I do not understand why guys like Brock claim to have tested against me. He has the belt, shouldn’t he be the standard?”

I have to side with Carwin here from his perspective, why would Lesnar have to lie? I mean he is the champ, what does a punch test mean to anyone at this point? One thing is for sure, these guys stories are not adding up (because the interview was fake to begin with). We can only hope that this will cause some good old beef between the two fighters that can be settled like men in the Octagon.

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