Interview with Seth Petruzelli

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Interview with Seth Petruzelli

Most fans of mixed martial arts only know Seth Petruzelli as the “Kimbo Slayer”, but there is much more to the man than one fateful night on national television.  Seth competed on season 2 of The Ultimate Fighter and went 0-2 in the UFC with notable losses to Matt Hammil and Wilson Gouveia.  Outside the UFC, Seth has big victories against MMA legend Dan Severn and obviously Kimbo Slice.  I had the opportunity to interview Seth about his plans for the future and some of his upcoming fights.

Note: The interview took place 2 days before it was announced that his March 6th fight with Ken Shamrock had been pushed back to May.

StrLive:  You are a friend and training partner of Tom Lawler. Do you both collaborate his entrances/weigh-in shenanigans or is it all his idea?

Seth Petruzelli: He is the smart one.  He comes up with all the ideas.  He’s like the brain Krang on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and I’m the Shredder.  It kinda works like that.

StrLive: Ken Shamrock’s injury gave you your big opportunity to make a name for yourself, is it kind of odd that he’s your next opponent, or does that just seem natural for you?

SP: Nah, I don’t mind being the legend killer.  Dan Severn, Bob Sapp, Kimbo Slice now Ken.  I can kill all the old men!!

StrLive: You said you want to be a legend killer, are there any other active legends out there that you have on your “hit list”?

SP: After Ken….Tito.  I like him as a person but I’d still like to fight him.

StrLive: What are your thoughts on Shamrock’s steroid suspension? Is it having any impact on your preparation (physical or psychological) going into that fight?

SP: Not at all, if he’s juicing then he’ll gas faster, if not then he will be weak.  I do respect the hell out of him no matter what he does!

StrLive: Your fight with Ken Shamrock is a title fight for International Unlimited Fighting.  In the incredibly unlikely possibility that this fight goes 5 rounds, how is your cardio coming along?

SP: I have had asthma since I was a little kid, but the training I do helps a lot so if it does go 5 rounds I’m ready for it!

StrLive: You mentioned last September you would be willing to take a rematch with Kimbo if the UFC were to offer, and even hinted you were in talks with UFC brass. Did negotiations fall through, or is that still a possibility?

SP: No, we are still talking, Joe Silva said he’ll find me a fight if one pops up but not to turn down a fight waiting for it…so i took that as keep winning and I’ll be back.  I deserve to be back for sure.

StrLive: Have any of the other larger organizations like Strikeforce reached out to you?

SP: Sorta, I talked to Coker and he said he’s interested in using me but that’s about as far as it got…I would love to fight for Strikeforce.  Herschel Walker is going down!!!    haha

StrLive: What are your long term goals in terms of your fighting career?

SP: Keep winning, I’ll keep fighting till I feel validated for all the work I’ve put in my whole life in martial arts!

StrLive: Now that EliteXC is in shambles and you don’t have to fear repercussions, were there any negative reactions directed at you from the EliteXC brass after you beat Kimbo?

SP: No, they just ignored me.  poop heads

StrLive: Do you ever get tired of having to answer questions about Kimbo? What do you want your legacy to be?

SP: Yes I do, but I understand that’s how people remember me.  But I’d like to beat another name so that they can remember me as a great fighter and not the Kimbo killer!

StrLive: Have you been approached at all about being in the EA Sports MMA game? They have not released their full fighter roster as of yet, and your name has some clout.

SP: Yes, and I have lost contact since….if they read this, e-mail me again!!

StrLive: Have you ever seen this Joe Rogan video where he predicts you crushing Kimbo right before it happens?  Do you think it’s real?

SP: I actually talked to Joe Rogan after I saw this and he said its absolutely real!  He was real happy for me, Joe is a bad ass dude!

StrLive: Fighting training partners or members of your own camp is a pretty big issue in MMA right now.  What are your thoughts on the subject?

SP: Well we had to deal with that on season 2 in the house, we all became real good friends but it’s all business in the cage.

StrLive: How is your Smoothie King franchise coming along?  I read on the internet you had plans of expanding, but you never know what to believe when it comes to random internet reports.

SP: Yes we have purchased the rights to open a 2nd Smoothie King. the 1st one is going great…we cater a lot so that is helping business out a lot!

StrLive: I really appreciate you taking your time to do this, do you have any shoutouts or anything you’d like to add?

SP: Follow me on twitter @silverbackseth and on  Thanks to my gym and!!

I would also like to personally thank mekka from the 4OuncesToFreedom boards for helping with a few of the questions.

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