Scammers & BlackMailers ……

Over the last few months I have come  into some ugly situations, because of scammers and blackmailers. This gets me soooo pissed, it is like these people are dropping a DEUCE on the community, they are the DEADWEIGHT of this community, and I can’t stand for it.  I made a promise to anyone who asks for my help, now I must repay them for this.

First I would like to apologize , I was scammed myself , by becoming part of that, which happens to be a David Wayne Pope board,  I was unaware of this until I started to get E-mails about his links all go to him, and things like that. So I am very sorry for those that followed me because of my word, so now I will do my best to make sure no one else gets scammed on that board and if gets shut down. If you have been scammed by Mr. Pope , please feel free to go to and express your dismay. I will follow through on this, even though he did threaten me harm, funny enough, in an E-mail ( not really a smart thing to do ). That doesn’t matter , what does is to make sure he has a difficult time scamming. The man is a parasite ( and trust me I know parasites ), and he feeds on our hard earned money. The fact that he has been allowed to do so this long is unreal. He has burned people on OutlawMuscle, Meso, his own many boards, and many I haven’t even been notified of yet. He has gotten away with this bullshit by bullying people, threatening their safety. Well he is a scammer and needs to be called out , again!!!!!  If you have been burned my this guy please pass this info on to your board, let everyone know about this and end his scamming ways.

The blackmailer part I was speaking of , is about some self proclaimed “Powerful MOD’s” , who threaten a source that advertises on this board , that they would ruin them if they didn’t send them over $25,000 worth of gear. The reason behind it , they said they received crashed gear, well if it is bad gear why would you want more of it???????? And if it was bad why wouldn’t you just go to everyone saying this gear is dangerous and you need to avoiid it????  Wouldn’t you, as powerful MOD’s , need to protect your fellow brothers against a shitty source??? Not if your lying scumbags!!!!! Right now I am gathering all the info I need to prove this above claims, when I do, and I will, I ‘ll make sure to post them in all their blackmail glory.

Thank you for reading , and please re-post this everywhere.

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