The Top 13 Types Of Steroids

the top 13 types of steroids

Planet Muscle list thier personal opinion of the top 13 types of steroids available. The article is a little dated now but makes for good reading from someone who has plenty of experience and knowledge in the world of steroids. Read on as the results may surprise you and we would love to hear you opinion on the topic as well.

1. Deca-Durabolin – Nandrolone Oil-Based Injection.
In general, USA Deca-Durabolin is probably the post popular, sought-after steroid. It is oil-based and comes in either 100-mg./ml. or 200-mg/ml. injection. The drug is considered slow to convert to estrogen, a good mass and strength-builder and, for a variety of suggested chemical reasons (none really proven), it is considered to ease joint pain.

However, it will suppress the pituitary-testosterone loop in due time. The USA pharmaceutical versions are hard to obtain. Lately, Some of the Mexican veterinary steroids (of all kinds) have tested poorly. Testosterone Magazine has written that the Ttyokko version of Nandrolone, which is supposed to contain 300 mg. per ml, is not even close. Likewise, Planet Muscle had the Ttyokko Dianabol tested (supposed to contain 10 mg. per tablet) and the results came back ND as in none detected! That’s nice. (See Planetarium for proprionate test) I guess if you’re going to cheat, your best bet is to cheat with American veterinary steroids.

2. Depo-Testosterone – Cypionate Oil-Based Injection, 200 mg./ml.
This is the longest acting, the slowest effecting T-ester, and of course, also stays in the system longest, with the Depot variety being released on a more or less continuous basis. This is a drug for size and strength and is given to normalize depressed testosterone levels. The reliable USA manufacturer is Pharmacia/Upjohn. There are Varying formats of Mexican and Australian testosterone are around; but most consider them highly unreliable.

3. Testosterone Enanthate – Oil-Based Injection, 200 mg./ml.
Usually, this also comes as a 200 mg./ml. delivery and is a middle-range acting T-ester also used for size and strength and to elevate depressed T-levels. Because it does not seem to promote as much water retention as T-Cypionate, it’s probably the most sought testosterone. The reliable USA manufacturer is again Pharmacia / Upjohn.

4. Testosterone Sustenon 250 – Oil-Based Injection.
This also has been a Mexican, oil-based, 250-mg. self-contained breakaway vial combination of varying T-esters, such as propionate, enthanate, and cypionate or other variations. In general, it’s good for mass and strength, but it’s not considered as reliable as USA pharmaceuticals. Testosterone Propionate is a 100 mg./ml. version of T-steroid and Testosterone/Suspension (100 mg./ml. water-based) are also available as USA injections.

Neither is considered as effective over the long range as T-C and T-E and the aqueous suspension form can be a very painful injection. Because these variants are in and out of the system relatively quickly with short half-lives, they are mostly used by power-lifters to peak their strength on a very short-term basis.

5. Equipoise – Boldenone Undecylenate Oil-Based Injection.
This was a 50-mg./ml., oil-based, veterinary steroid originally produced by Solvay. It’s very hard to come by on the black market. Because it comes in so many names and varieties and offshoots (Ganabol, Equi-Gain, Maxi-Gain, Vebonol, Pace), it’s impossible to keep up with the literature. Somewhat inefficient in its low level of steroid per ml. (25-50 mg./ml.), nonetheless, it’s considered, in high enough doses, to be a strong size and strength drug without a lot of negative androgen activity and good for joint health. Your safest bet today, in a real form is the 50 mg./ml. version from E. R. Squibb & Sons for Fort Dodge Iowa Animal Health.

6. Anadrol 50 – Oral.
This steroid has gained in popularity for the prime reasons that it exists, while the original Dianabol has been discontinued. Most bodybuilders/lifters used to avoid this drug because of its high androgenicity and because it has red-blood cell-potentiating capacity, which means it can increase blood viscosity and thereby, potentially, elevate blood pressure. It’s considered a good size and strength drug, but like its first cousin, Halotestin, too dangerous to use.

7. Anavar – Oral.
Anavar was originally made by Searle in the USA and was long ago discontinued. It was more of a size versus a strength drug with lower androgenicity. It was always 2.5 mg., per white tablet and today, made by Oxandrin, has made a strong comeback as the prime oral treatment for muscle wasting in advanced HIV patients. It is expensive, about $10 per tablet at full pharmacy retail.

8. Dianabol – Oral.
The once-and-forever king has unfortunately left forever. The original Ciba-Geigy Dianabol has imitations from Turkey, Greece, Rumania, Thailand, Bulgaria, Russia and Mexico/Columbia. No longer blue, they are usually odd-shaped, pink pills of 5 mg. or 10 mg. and 5-mg. white tablets. None approaches the original potency. Continue to avoid the Mexican varieties if you can find these. Reports are that some of the eastern European varieties work occasionally. Dianabol was the original size and strength king.

9. Halotestin – Oral.

10. Methyltestosterone – Oral.

11. Winstrol – Oral.
Halotestin and Methyltestosterone are androgens and strength drugs in general. Halotestin is still produced, very toxic to the liver, as is Methyltestosterone. It is still produced. as Methyl-T. Winstrol was a 2-mg. pink (or sometimes white) tablet. Winstrol and Maxibolan (yellow) were the favorite oral steroids for women because of low androgenicity.

12. Winstrol-V – Water-Based Injection

13. Primobolin Depot – Oil-Based Injection.
Many bodybuilders have always considered these two low androgens as good pre-contest drugs. They claimed both helped retain hardness and size while limiting water retention. Other bodybuilders and lifters call them chick steroids since they believe they don’t really do anything for men. Both drugs can still be found. Primobolin is more readily available in Mexico as 100 mg./ml. and as pills called Sten.

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