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RoidsMall.Net Reviews

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It is an anabolic steroids source which is turning out to be very popular. You can discover diverse sorts of steroids there: injectable steroids, oral steroids, post cycle therapy supplements, growth hormones, and other. This source has a lot of good reviews and feedbacks on various forums.


Gear there are sold at exceptionally reasonable prices. It is most likely due to the fact that the dealer works straightforwardly with manufacturers and it permits them to put steroids for sale at a low cost.

Top Brands

7Lab Pharma, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, Sciroxx, BodyPharm, SP Laboratories, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Gen-Shi Labs and many more.


So far, there were no worries from clients about the quality. Every one of them are extremely fulfilled. There was likewise a case, when a person increased gigantic muscles in only one month, utilizing items from RoidsMall.Net. All steroids are of high quality and genuine. They give an unique code, utilizing which customers can check it for legitimacy.


This source ships worldwide. Package as a rule takes around 12-14 business days to arrive. Notwithstanding, sometimes it came somewhat later (2-3 days). Everything is packed safely and discretely. There were no instances of damaged items in this way. You may notice that they offer US Domestic Delivery for certain products.

Customer support

Customer support is entirely great. Customers find solutions in a brief time. Customer support team is nice and polite.


Their site is all around well designed and is easy to utilize. Each item has a proper description so you know precisely what you are acquiring. Additionally, the ordering process is simple. A little issue is that occasionally a few steroids are out of stock however it happens once in a while.

steroids for sale


A trustworthy and legit steroid supplier with genuine products and reasonable prices. There are now and many times special offers, bulk offers and discounts. As we exploited every detail, it doesn’t appear like a scam. You may securely buy steroids here.

If you have your own user experience with RoidsMall.Net -> then share it with us in comments/reviews bellow!


  1. Mlody78 - 2017-10-23 2:46 PM

    It’s not first order from roidsmall, this international store had bitcoin offer. Must say roidsmall team are very professional always very helpful. Over all good experience.

    Package recived after about 3 weeks as expected i live in UK and ordered from international store. Products well packed and arrived intact.

    I’ve been using product for about 2 and half weeks and test p and mast p working well to early to say about test e. In the gym strength up, feel more focused, feel more pump. Also sex drive went up must be masteron as it works like liquid viagra only downside see few more hair out than normal.

  2. R1guy05 - 2017-11-03 2:01 PM

    Was a little skeptical about ordering from a new source, but was not at all disappointed.

    Spoke with their customer service a few times and never had any issue with getting a response in a timely manner.

    Packaging was discreet while leaving no room for questioning. I believe it was delivered in right around 10 days.

    I have been running the Arimidex with great results, immediately seeing effects from it when needed. I am running 1ml of Deca a week and am loving the way my joints feel while taking this.

    Wife ran 4 weeks of 10mg and bumped up to 4 weeks of 20mg of Var. She gained incredible muscle mass while maintaining vascularity.

    I would recommend anyone who is looking for a quality product to try this. I am extremely pleased with this companies product and will be ordering in the new future again.

  3. weaver - 2017-11-06 11:38 AM

    This is a long due review for an old order.

    I dont remember the excact TA but it was a few weeks after sending the payment. I used bitcoin so it was really fast. Packaging was really good and discrete. Tracking wasnt really necessary because the package arrived before the gave me one.

    I used anavar as a complementary at the end of my test cycle, for cutting. While on strict caloric deficit my strength was on the roof, I dropped about 5% bf, and my weight remained the same.

    I can highly recommend roidsmall. I’m waiting for a big order right now and I’ll post a new review when I have used the gear. I’ll be using them for a long time.

  4. TRH - 2017-12-01 6:10 PM

    I have ordered from them many times for all types of gear and therapy . I have used the money transfer option as described on their site . I have always received my orders no problem . I had one issue that was money transfers fault and the communication was very good .
    I always verify the products on the manufacturers sites all are legit and my labs certainly show that they are 100% legit. I get amazing results using their products .

  5. McMeanie87 - 2017-12-11 5:04 PM

    Fantastic source with great compounds..its your one stop shop for intense muscle growth!!

    Communication has always been good when it was needed..had an issue with donation method but was cleared up very quick thanks to Roidsmall getting in contact with me. Never had issues with this source but the support was very good when needed.

    The t/a was a little longer than usual but only due to the issue with donation, but as soon as donation was picked up the pack was sent and landed. Package landed safe and secure , products were in great condition and wrapped extremely tight, took me awhile to get to the goodies.

    The Kalpa test was great. It was very clear and had almost no pip. I started having extremely oily skin and libido noticeable increased after a few weeks. Had to adjust my a.i to keep up with the test. Strength stayed the same but also had been on test for awhile before the Kalpa. Now for the suspension, I love this shit. Run it 3 times a week on heavy days pwo. Gives me extreme focus,aggression and almost feel stronger when I use it pwo. If I ever stop using the tne my heavy days will never feel the same. Feel like a beast on this suspension. Instantly taste it before I even pull the needle out, and I love how it makes my apartment stink so good even tho its in my drawer..

    Great source. Roidsmall is a great guy and is a true businessman with phenomenal compounds. So glad to have such a source with such great gear.

  6. ihearttren - 2017-12-16 10:43 AM

    Was my second order, everything goes smoothly. Can’t comment on communication because I never needed to email or ask questions, placed order and it shows up a week or less later.

    Great results from the tren I previously ordered

  7. jasonmel1125 - 2017-12-18 4:32 PM

    Very good source just started sust 350 and already feel the difrence in just a few days no pip the gear is g2g . As for dealing with RoidsMall you can’t even find a cooler guy, good service will definitely order from again .

  8. dannymalone - 2017-12-30 10:46 AM

    Over all, I’m very satisfied w/ his product and speedy delivery.

    I did ask him a cple questions about the pain I was having from DP prop, and didn’t get a response. That’s not rly his job tho. I just figured he’d be the best person to ask since it’s his product and I was pretty worried. I had all the signs of an abscess, and wanted to know if this was normal from his product. I just needed to cut and warm it tho.

    Packaging was discrete, looked like it could have been anything. It was able to fit into my mailbox, so, they didn’t have to leave it in the forier of the apt building, like many deliveries.

    I’m on a med that lowers my test, so, I noticed a difference in how i felt w/in bout 10mins. 1st shot at 10pm mon. Went to the gym. Best work out in yrs. Went again in morn. Same thing. Unfortunately, I’ve been in so much pain from the injections that I can barely walk. Called of work for the last 3 days. Def no gym. Hurts to sit, stand, lie,etc. Prop probably wasnt the best choice for a 1st cycle, but it seems that the pain from this is excessive. Kalpa shots don’t rly bother me too much, slight tenderness. That’s what I expected from this, but its 1000x worse. Last nite I cut it in half w/grape seed oil and warmed it. Injected 1cc total instead of 1.25 cc (50mgs of prop instead of 125mgs) I can barely tell. If I’d done this in the 1st place and injected ed it wuda bn perfect.

    Despite what seems to be excessive pain even for a 1st cycle, I trust this source, and placed another order w/him. Test e this time.

  9. FinallyFree - 2018-01-02 12:23 PM

    This review is way overdue I have ordered many times from Roidsmall at least 8 times maybe more and he has always provided excellent products

    Good communication & support especially with how busy he must be with everyone’s

    Everything I’ve ever ordered has been great and strong as hell have been cycling off and on for the last 2 years with this gear and I’m bigger and more cut than I’ve ever been in my life some products can be a bit harsh and give pip like the high mg products or products with no ester but if you can get over it the results are worth the pain

    Huge selection of products that are legit no bull shit here

  10. NoWeakAces - 2018-01-05 10:04 AM

    Roidsmall was my first online source and he made the process easy and comfortable. Emails and questions were quickly answered.

    Packaging was discrete and T/A was faster than advertised.

    Was my first time with a 400mg test product and the PIP was intense. T 250 runs as smooth as Kentucky bourbon. Both were above and beyond in quality from anything I had run before. Ran the 250, 3x/ wk and the 400 2x/ wk, for a total of 900 and 1000 respectively. Strength and libido through the roof, skin as oily and shiny as a new coat of wax. Acne quickly became cystic. Gaining 1-2 lbs per week.

  11. plymkr84 - 2018-01-09 1:20 PM

    I have made several orders with roidsmall and I can honestly say this source is a man of integrity and a man of his word. Last order took longer than his T/A and was there every step of the way and came through just in time for my last shot! I have made excellent gains in both my size and strength since 6 weeks I have been on cycle. You can put 100% faith that roidsmall will come through with both quality gear and excellent customer service, I know I have and haven’t been disappointed.

    I have been on cycle for little over 6 weeks now and have packed on about 15lbs of quality muscle while also knocking off about 2 inches off the waist line. The Prop has me horny as hell and I haven’t felt more alive in years. The prop has a little bit of a sting, but I have had much much worse. The tabs are pressed professionally and can be split with ease. My favorite definitely has to be the Npp, It has been a godsent on my joints and is much needed with the weight increases . Overall Excellent quality at a great price!!!

    I highly recommend Roidsmall! I know I am a customer for life. Thank you!!!

  12. PapiChulo - 2018-01-12 2:56 AM

    I think it’s great

  13. Older School - 2018-01-19 3:02 PM

    I’ve ordered about six times from Roidsmall, and each order has been flawless. This is the only source that has my complete trust.

    Nicest, most responsive source I’ve ever encountered.

    The Test E 400 is some serious juice. Had the worst pip ever until I started blending it. But it has the kick I’m looking for. NPP is working wonders right now. Saving the Sustanon and the Tren for a future cycle. The Letro does what it is supposed to do. Same goes for the Aromasin.

    I’m always impressed with Roidsmall. The quality of DP gear is amazing. And I never get lost in the shuffle, even when things get really busy for Roidsmall. This is my main source, and I will keep coming back.

  14. anarmo - 2018-01-26 1:22 PM

    First time ordering from this source some time ago, dealt with some products for my pct to try them out.

    Trustable source with a nice stock of quality products.

    Did not need to communicate, because everything was clear.

    Discrete and secure packaging.

    I liked it as was safe for 100 percent and hard to think of what it was in fact.

    Some pct Stuff:

    Balkan Nolva

    Balkan Clomid

    Everything fine, test levels were normal after pct and nolva prevented gyno and estro rebound.

    Balkan products are quality.

    Recommend this supplier for their service, you can be sure to get what you ordered and with original Balkan you can not do something wrong.

  15. Draptor - 2018-02-09 3:20 PM

    This place has saved me allot of money, time and hassle. Quick service and very reliable. Communication and support is top notch. I clearly understand reply emails and they respond very quickly A++

    Communication and support was top notch. Although i didn’t receive my tracking and shipping number in a few days, I emailed them and they promptly emailed me back within a day with my tracking and shipping information!

    The packaging was very discreet. Just another everyday ordinary looking package.

    Ordered some vials of test e

    Ive used these products before and they a fantastic! Strength and pumps is through the roof.

    I am so happy to have found this great supplier. Very reliable, discreet, and quick service, in exactly 20 days I received my products from the moment i hit place order.

  16. mike anderson - 2018-02-22 3:51 PM

    Hello i am watin 4 days for a conformation. Whats problem ur team cant read

  17. Bigshinsu77 - 2018-03-12 4:00 PM

    A few months back received 2 bottles Dragon Pharma test E.

    Great communication usually respondes within 24 hours.

    Arrived a little after 2 weeks. Packaged tight and secure…very discreet

    Started immediately after package arrived. Taking 1.5ml/375mg every 4 days. Within 2 weeks energy level a libido approved greatly. End of week 4 noticed I had gained about 9 pounds and was getting stronger. End of cycle and currently looking bigger and feeling stronger!

    Overall great product and service!

  18. ChuckyK - 2018-03-16 6:30 PM

    This is a overdue & well deserved review for this source.

    Is very good & efficient.

    Delivery was 2 weeks & packed well

    2 Kalpa Npp (DUraxyl)

    The quality was excellent. I was running 300mg ew I relief in my joints and up 9lbs, my strength is increasing aswell. I have to say I have tried a few labs but with kalpa I haven’t had any problems. Oil was pip free & clear.

  19. 49ers - 2018-04-06 9:31 AM

    First time customer of Roidsmall, but will continue to use! I trust Roidsmall and believe in Kalpa products!

    Communication and Support was spot on the entire process! Roidsmall was excellent to deal with and are very familiar with their products!/

    T/A was around two weeks from beg to end…not bad! Packaging was excellent!

    Sustaxyl 350….3 bottles!

    I have used this products from many sources, but Kalpa is excellent! Only comparable Sustanon was old organon redi jects! I plan to use Sustaxyl for 12- 16 weeks with other products, one CC Mon, wens, and Friday!

    Excellent source and I’ll will continue to be loyal customer to Roidsmall!

  20. BigJay39 - 2018-06-23 2:53 PM

    This review is for the Kalpa dbol and proviron from RMALL.

    Comm was awesome. This guy actually answers quickly. Down to earth, cool people to do business with.

    For me it was 11 days. Not bad from overseas. Better than some domestics. Picked up and shipped same day donation was sent.

    Dbol 50mg ed

    Proviron 75mg ed. About to go to 100mg Dbol is def potent. Ive gained 4 lbs in 2 weeks, and im in my 13th week on cycle. So it Kicked my cycle back in.

    Proviron started drying me out and upped libido in the first week.

    Very happy w RMALL as a whole. Have since placed another order for hcg and more proviron. This is my new go to src. Use them!!

  21. Aztecs 76 - 2018-06-29 11:53 AM

    this is the first time i have ever written a review. I was recommended to Roidsmall by another bro so i decided to go for it.

    Communication was top notch.

    packaging was good and discrete and all the goods I order were there.

    4 jugs of Tests cyp.

    I have used a lot of UGL’s and the Kalpa product was top notch. Having been out of training for 8 months because of a shoulder injury I’m finally back to training and putting on some gains.

    I hope Roidsmall continues to provide great products

  22. killakali - 2018-07-06 11:03 AM

    This Source is Fast, reliable and fairly priced. I would recommend trying at least two of his products to find out whether it’s for you or not. Domestic reliable suppliers like this are one of a kind!

    Communication was very quick, support wise, I didn’t have much to ask or any reason for much interaction. Judging from the speed of everything else, I’m sure their support is great.

    Packaging was superior to most suppliers, disguised, safe and compact. This supplier takes the extra step to protect everyone involved.

    Tren Ace 100×3

    Test Prop 100×4

    Anavar 20mgx100x1

    Winstrol50x100 Tabsx1

    I’m taking 75 MG Tren Ace ED, 50 Prop ED. Stopped orals about a week ago at the 8 week mark. Var gave killer calf pumps during cardio. I was taking another companies Var (50mg pills) and subbed this in, I prefer Kalpa over the other companies Var. Hardness was insane, cuts in forearms and delts were unreal. Taurine helps with Back pumps, but just sitting in a chair for 20 minutes would cause spasms. One of my coworkers said “Man you look juiced”. I told him I started taking creatine 😀 Didn’t see much vascularity but this could be due to light intake of carbs. I seem to get more vascularity from TBOL. MY overall opinion on VAR itself (Not this suppliers var) is it is a very mild drug and should be reserved for women and those getting down in the 6-7% BF range to see it shine. Tren killed cardio for the first two weeks, aggression soared, slight recklessness in attitude and money management (Tren has been proven to cause impulsive gambling). Night sweats and sleep is down to about 4.5 hours a day. GW101516 has allowed me to get back to cardio with no hiccups. Test P is PIP free and strong, libido increase, energy increase. 50mg a day is more than enough for gains and libido maintenance. Wintstrol was ran at 100 a day, but only ran it for the last week of my cycle. I did not give it enough time to truly see effects from it, however my joints were sore and I creeked and cracked getting out of bed at the end of the week. I can’t wait to give it a run of it’s own and see what comes of it. I will come back and leave another review for it when it’s time.

    Roidsmall is a solid source and the fast and discreet shipping should not be overlooked. I have now ordered twice and will keep it in my list of go to’s. I really wanted to try Kalpa’s Adrol and Tbol but neither were in stock last time I ordered. Maybe next time. A+ Guys!

  23. stud muffin - 2018-07-27 7:56 AM

    I have to say that RoidsMall has the best service that I have come across.Especially coming from international.

    Communication is top notch!Answered emails almost immediately and is willingly there 24/7 to take care of customers.

    Packaging was tight,it takes about 5 mins to get to the goods.Very discreet and professional.

  24. jmac - 2018-09-15 11:11 AM

    Great service, fast communication. Fast shipping to east coast. Made several orders and all were g2g!!!

    As I wrote above, everything with this site is spot on!

    Very discreet packaging. Very fast delivery. Usually mailed within 24hrs. Of order.

    T400, tren e200, tprop, masterone e200, masterone p100, tren a100 dbol, anavar, win tabs

    Used for contest prep. Started with long esters then switched to short esters four weeks out. Used anavar, win, last six weeks also. Absoluteley hard as iron, all time best condition. using t400, dbol now and huge for me, very strong. Crazy pumps…

    I was using another site that is rated pretty high on this board but thats OVER… I trust these guys 100 percent..

  25. t-bol - 2018-10-19 12:20 PM

    This is a review for Test Prop and Wini I ordered a few months back for my cutting cycle that just ended.

    One of the few sources that actually speak English as native language so no misunderstandings they are very fast and very professional nothing vague and very cordial too.

    Very discrete and clean like you are getting something from a friend.

    Bloods all in par with expectation.

    BF dropped from 15% to 10%

    vascularity like a road map lol

    I would definatly order again and suggest sending them a pm before to find out about promos always


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