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RoidsMall.Net Reviews

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It is an anabolic steroids source which is turning out to be very popular. You can discover diverse sorts of steroids there: injectable steroids, oral steroids, post cycle therapy supplements, growth hormones, and other. This source has a lot of good reviews and feedbacks on various forums.


Gear there are sold at exceptionally reasonable prices. It is most likely due to the fact that the dealer works straightforwardly with manufacturers and it permits them to put steroids for sale at a low cost.

Top Brands

7Lab Pharma, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, Sciroxx, BodyPharm, SP Laboratories, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Gen-Shi Labs and many more.


So far, there were no worries from clients about the quality. Every one of them are extremely fulfilled. There was likewise a case, when a person increased gigantic muscles in only one month, utilizing items from RoidsMall.Net. All steroids are of high quality and genuine. They give an unique code, utilizing which customers can check it for legitimacy.


This source ships worldwide. Package as a rule takes around 12-14 business days to arrive. Notwithstanding, sometimes it came somewhat later (2-3 days). Everything is packed safely and discretely. There were no instances of damaged items in this way. You may notice that they offer US Domestic Delivery for certain products.

Customer support

Customer support is entirely great. Customers find solutions in a brief time. Customer support team is nice and polite.


Their site is all around well designed and is easy to utilize. Each item has a proper description so you know precisely what you are acquiring. Additionally, the ordering process is simple. A little issue is that occasionally a few steroids are out of stock however it happens once in a while.

steroids for sale


A trustworthy and legit steroid supplier with genuine products and reasonable prices. There are now and many times special offers, bulk offers and discounts. As we exploited every detail, it doesn’t appear like a scam. You may securely buy steroids here.

If you have your own user experience with RoidsMall.Net -> then share it with us in comments/reviews bellow!


  1. Goffins - 2017-05-29 3:05 PM

    This was my first order from this supplier as my previous source disbanded. As always I am hesitant with a new supplier but used the ratings as guidance. Both vials received were of equal measure and the viscosity of the substance was more akin to the better products I have used. Libido was increased within a few days markedly and have seen good gains during this cycle with 7 pounds gained which is my lowest recorded fluctuation weight at this point in time – 3 weeks into cycle. While the MG was lower than the usual 300 I was used to (275), I’ve felt a better response to this product and believe it to be of higher quality. My sessions are lasting a bit longer and I feel I’ve got a bit left in the tank when I leave. Overall I’d be happy to recommend these guys without hesitation.

    Incredibly quick postage which was packaged securely and discreetly. Process from order to payment was easy to follow.

    3 weeks, eth only inj cycle for a total of 6 weeks. Good gains, increased stamina in gym and off day running/jogging. Oily skin but very few spots. Good quality, thicker oil so needs to be well heated, no pain at site. Rock solid.

  2. Tinyboy - 2017-06-07 4:58 PM

    I have use the test prop and it g2g on 4th shot today and im liking it a lot . this is second time using prop first time I use some I damn near couldn’t walk for 3 days after glute shot but this prop is smooth and I got random wood all the time now lol

    I had a bit of problem trying to use both promo codes but I pm him and he str8n it all out

    9 days total after funds pick up

    its all good smooth no pip ,and it works ..becarful tho may cause random hard ons tho lol

    I used this product along with some other tren ace I got and use 23 g 1.5 pin in delt without pip at all

  3. Fantasiathescammer - 2017-06-10 6:55 AM

    Great experience with this source. All products order preformed above expectations!

    All quesitons answered in great time.

    discreet and on time

    Powerful and effective Dragon Pharma’s Anadrol. No doubt the product was legit and the best brand ive used yet.

    I would highly recoomend this company!

  4. AnabolicDonuts - 2017-06-14 5:54 AM

    I have searched high and low for a good source. My buddies told me to check out this weeks ago. Have trolled many sources here and thought I would Roidsmall a go and I am VERY glad I did!

    Answers emails very fast and extremely professional.

    Dragon Pharma products are fire! Very smooth and no pip. Will order again for sure.

  5. testoboy92 - 2017-06-17 2:15 PM

    My first Order from Roidsmall and i’am very satisfied, very fast response to emails, quick delivery etc. Definitely my favourite Source for the Future.

    very good and fast processing

    careful and discret packaging

    3x Dragon Test Cyp

    the quality is just great nice smooth oil no pip,

    strength is very high and i got incredible pumps, very vascular, veins poppin out everywhere, libido is through the roof, dragon pharma is a great lab with great quality

    great support service and very fast shipping.

  6. AncientAlien - 2017-06-27 9:59 AM

    Used roidsmall several times with success

    Overseas about a week to 2

    Good source and good products

  7. MONSTERBACK - 2017-07-14 5:01 PM

    Best transaction I have had with anyone online. I cannot say I have had a bad one per say over the years but this one was exceptionally smooth and easy. I like easy and they delivered.

    Communication was great and answered all e-mails within 6hrs.

    Turn around time was 6 days from the time wired the payment. I don’t think you can shake a stick at that T/A time.

    I added the DP Winstrol Tabs at 100mg ED for the first week and dropped down to 50mg ED after week one. I have been on for Approx 21 days. I added this to about 400-600 mg of Test C E/W and 12.5mg of Exemestane a day. I can’t say enough about how amazingly clean this stuff is. After week one I had veins I haven’t seen in a few years. Very Dry Hard Lean Gains. GREAT PRODUCT!!! The Levitra is great also as I have ED no matter what gear or test I’m on and I can tell you it is a relief to have this stuff around when the wife wants to get dirty. I have only used half a 20mg pill and that does just fine. Then DP anavar in only three weeks 21 days (same as me) has changed my wife who at one time was a highly competitive fitness amateur (you know she can do crazy splits and stand on one hand with her legs spread full tilt) but had a severe knee injury about three years ago that led to four knee surgeries. She has had amazing gains on DP anavar on only ten mg’s a day. I can say for the quality of this stuff it is right on par because she has completely transformed into close to her former self in about three weeks with 0 virilizing effects which she is highly sensitive to based on past experiences training for shows. Overall EXTREMELY satisfied with the Quality of the products!

    One of the best and easiest transactions I have had over the internet with gear. much easier than recent times chasing some guy down in some gym that may or may not have what I need or waiting on them to get it. Clean and easy!

  8. glowinthedark - 2017-07-17 10:24 AM

    great company to do business with.. it went smoothly

    roidsmall responded to all questions promptly and made sure i was taken care of

    it came in about a week if i remember correctly.. very fast timing for my location

    started using anavar at a split dosage of 25mg, 50mg total per day.. and quickly went to 100 just to match what a friend was doing so we could compare notes.. first week i was looking better than ever but i give that to my diet and peptides, second week i experienced very nicely pumped shoulders, and now in the third week i got sick, very sick, allowing me to only eat 300 calories a day for several days.. since losing so much weight i still look like i kept a good amount of muscle.. if i wasnt on this anavar during this sickness i think i would be a lot more upset. i dont even notice any loss of muscle to be honest. my stomach fat is atleast half what it was when i started. although this cycle took a turn for the worst, i know good things are still to come. i will update my review soon. i need to get back on track.

    i would do business with this company again.

  9. CHEB - 2017-08-01 10:21 AM

    Gear was on point as well as packaging. Been running this year for a little over 2 weeks and have seen a change already. My wife has already gained 5 lbs of lean mass, and is still cutting body fat.

    Communication is on point, and always willing to answer a question.

    Packaging was top of the line and very private.

    My wife and I are seeing serious results, and are monitoring our food intake. I am injecting 3500 cals per day, my wife is at 2500 cals per day. Eating clean, and training dirty!

  10. taisetsuna - 2017-08-04 9:47 AM

    I’ve ordered probably 4 times now and will continue to order from this source

    Emails were always replied within 24h or less.

    i can vouch for the peptides which I’ve used to recover from some serious injury and I’m pleased with the results.

    I had an additional kalpa test prop in my last order wanted to say thank you with this review.

  11. DanSup - 2017-08-07 3:30 PM

    Running my first cycle and decided to go with a simple Test E for 12 weeks. I think I’ll use a dbol kick start for my next cycle as gains took a while to kick in.

    ROidsmall has replied fast without fail and has always been helpful.

    No complaints about the packaging as it was all done very discretley. My Test E and Nolva arrived 2 weeks after ordering which really impressed me.

    I ran the Test E 550/ a week (split Monday/Thursday). I was slightly worried as after 6 weeks I hadn’t put on much weight but after finishing the 12 week cycle I’de put on an impressive 20lbs without my bf% increasing by too much. I don’t train for strength and still managed to increase my bench & squat by around 50% each (not 1 rep maxes, just high rep working sets). I’ve maintained most of my gains after cycle (could have done better but the end of my cycle was timed badly for keeping my calories high). I’m not sure how well the Nolva is working as I’ve not felt like I’ve crashed after my cycle at all. The tablets are very crumbly though, I’m not sure if this is normal. The melanotan is legit and I’ve been tanning well only using sunbeds for 9 mins a week.

    Will be ordering again.

  12. nezza - 2017-08-14 11:53 AM

    ok guys this is for kalpa tren ace.

    always spot on is roidsmall you know your in safe hands.

    ok been on kalpa test enth and kalpa cyp with amazing results and wanted to go to the next level and add 100mg of kalpa tren ace 1 shot, e.o.d, ten days in and wow this stuff is on fire. looking the the best i have in maybe 3 years body weight increasing but looking more solid feel animal when training pumps are insane and last ages, flushes and night sweats starting but so what it,s fking amazing. Holding a bit of water though in face so need to get some arimidex off roidsmall.

    guys trust me when i say this kalpa line is amazing he does loads of promo’s, top bloke with the best products and service out there. Roidsmall you will be top spot on here very soon.

  13. michaelmilburn - 2017-08-18 8:20 PM

    Been ordering from roidsmall for a few months now and can honestly say the service they provide is faultless. Prices are very reasonable and delivery very fast often receiving orders next week !

    Emails were answered within about 2 hours of me sending them and payments were made simple fast and efficient by the seller’s great communication through emails.

    Packing was excellent and delivery super fast !

  14. uk1234567uk - 2017-08-21 9:27 AM

    This is one of 5 sources that I have found consistently reliable. Good selection of dragon pharma and good pct.

    All received 2 weeks after placing order. Packaging was discreet, well padded. Communication was very considerate.

  15. Farnk - 2017-08-22 1:41 AM

    No response even though the received I’m very disappointed

  16. boumarino33 - 2017-08-25 5:48 PM

    Hopefully found my new supplier. This was my first order with him and there were a few issues regarding payments but all got handled quickly and my order was not held up. Too early to know on the SP Labs oils but love the idea of the 450 mg blend of Supertest and it was very smooth, no pip when mixed with the nandrolone.

    Very impressive to the heartland within 7 days from payment. Package was very normal/common looking. Nothing that would raise any eyebrows.

    This is the 3rd week on the gear. The dbol is definitely good. At 30mg, all the usual sides, strength is up, good pumps in the gym, and up 6 lbs on scale. Too early for the oils yet but the HCG is keeping the “boys” online and could tell by day 3 after first shot that it was good as well.

  17. LittleMacOK31 - 2017-08-28 1:08 PM

    I have made 3-4 orders with Roidsmall and had zero issues at all thus far. The Turinabol was good I used it as a kicker. I am currently on cycle with the Cut Long 300 this stuff is legit, I feel great have put on 15-20lbs of lean gains and strength is through the roof! Have’nt had any acne problems or serious sides. This stuff is pretty concentrated so I started warming the vial in hot water before inj to help reduce PIP… Started the Winstrol at 50mg per day a couple weeks ago had to reduce dosage to 25mg cause it was drying out my joints. All is good now!!

    I’m not gonna risk trying someone else. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…

  18. jgpinto101 - 2017-09-11 3:30 PM

    I ordered the 3 vial TestE deal and it looks like my search for a trt source is over, just wish there were more of his other products available.

    Took 14 days, packaging was good.

    9 weeks into my trt (200mg week) and I’m up 11lbs (9 lean)

    Mood is elevated and strength/endurance have increased

    Had slightly itchy nips but have not used Arimidex.

    Gear is smooth with no pip, I’m preloading my shots (month worth) so his sterility must be top notch.

    Roidsmall is a good option if you need discreet top quality gear.

  19. Lexx0r - 2017-09-18 2:26 PM

    Ordered test-e with some emergency syringes from Roidsmall

    Second to none service – arrived confidentially, fast and no quibble!

    But when he does communicate back, he’s professional, honest and you always know what’s going on. What more can you ask for!

    Haven’t ran a cycle for well over 6 months. Panic attack happened after the injection and I passed out a beauty for a few minutes. Smooth injection however, no side effects from the actual injection (though I know test takes a while) and no real PIP considering (little bruise feel you always get if been off jabs for a while)

    Will be using again – short on a few ringes and alcohol wipes but nothing too much to quibble about!

  20. jimmyv45 - 2017-09-25 11:05 AM

    This is my first review on SteroidsLive. This is also my first experience with ROIDSMALL.NET.

    Communication was fantastic!

    Well, I submitted and paid for my order. I received an email confirmation very quickly.

    So, I received my first order tracking information and was anxiously waiting delivery. I checked the tracking several times a week and never saw my order come out of customs. I emailed ROIDSMALL and they advised me to be patient. They were always very prompt with replying to my emails. Last week I received a letter from the FDA/DEA advising me of my order being held. So, I emailed the letter to ROIDSMALL and advised. They sent me a partial order of what I had lost in customs and I received it in 2 weeks. I will be ordering more and will start it soon and will review the product itself. These guys (ROIDSMALL) are great to work with. They didn’t have to send anything else out on their dime but they did. I will continue to use them!

  21. No Cardio Crew - 2017-09-29 11:49 AM

    A few orders with them. Always been great!

    I run TRT dose Test E always. I blasted the Tren A for 8 weeks. Just finished.

    The Tren A is fuvking awesome!!!!!!

    I handle side very well at 100mg ED. They were all there. Aggression, insomnia, night sweats, high libido.

    8 weeks added 10 lbs of lean mass and dropped me 2%. Unless I’m in contest prep, I really don’t care much for any other compound but Tren. It’s hard to find legit Tren from UGL’s. Dragon Pharma was accurately dosed, very strong, probably a tiny bit over dosed.

    Thanks Roidsmall! Keep up the quality products!

  22. steeltoad28 - 2017-10-02 4:50 PM

    Overall great experience. I’ll be using RoidsMall as long as the gear is consistent.

    I placed 2 orders. First one came 10 days after donation received. Second came 15 days after donation BC of the weekend. Packaging was good. I’m not concerned about anything breaking the way they wrap it.

    Mast e 400mg a week My dick works. Getting pimples and oily skin. Pretty sure the test is good. My joints feel great which only happens when I run nandrolone, so I feel good about the npp. Night sweats started a week after starting the tren. Strength has gone up considerably. Put on a good amount of lean mass in the past few weeks. This is my first run with Mast. I’ve been horny as f*ck. Feels like proviron which I hear is a side effect of mast. Just finished the mast e at 400mg a week and I’ve just started the mast p at 600 a week. Confident it’ll do what its supposed to do.

    All the vials I’ve gotten have had an extra ml or two in them which I’m happy about I’d also like to add… my last order, I ordered test p but then sent an email saying I wanted to change the test prop to npp which is the same price. They acknowledged the change of the order but forgot and sent me the prop. When I told them, they said they are sending me the npp free of donation, which I really appreciate. I’m very happy with the gear and the price. I’ll remain a loyal customer and recommend RoidsMall as long as they keep doing what they’ve been doing. I feel the gear is as good as any other I’ve had, pharma grade or ugl.

  23. dago80 - 2017-10-09 5:24 PM

    Once again the man came threw ….couldnt be more pleased …ordered test prop 200 ,mast 100, tbol,nolva and clomid …the dude is laaagggiittt …….my chick was like ok… tired of these bitches eye fucking ypu ..lmfao …..

  24. Matt_40_06 - 2017-10-16 10:37 AM

    This was my first order with Roidsmall and this guy is topnotch. communication was 10/10 the dude responed literally mins after my order was sent. he sent info just as quick. I went made donation and everything was done under a hour. never had a source this fast!

    shipping was 10/10 got to me in 14days t/a. packageing was great everything was tightly wrapped. I have no complaints Roidsmall is the shit plain and simple.

  25. james81 - 2017-10-20 10:59 AM

    Made a couple orders a few months back and have finally gotten to the point where I can offer my opinion of the gear and the customer service.

    I didnt need to communicate much, but the couple of times I did have a question, Roidsmall answered quickly with the information I needed.

    T/A was very fast. It took around 2 weeks time for me to receive my package including making the payment and them picking it up. Packaging was great. Wrapped tight and everything came intact.

    Pinned Test 500mg per week. Pinned smooth with zero PIP. I saw great results and am happy with my purchase.

    There is no need for me to go anywhere else. I am very happy with the product and the service provided. Roidsmall has another life long customer.


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