NFL: Trades and Rumors from the Gridiron

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NFL: Trades and Rumors from the Gridiron

As young NFL prospects work endlessly to improve their game for the upcoming combine, NFL veterans seek out their maximum value.

Some of the leagues favorite divas are rumored to be on the trading block.

This is the time of year when teams find the perfect players to add to their system. It may only be one or two intricate parts that put certain organizations over the top. It is similar to a woman finding the right push-up bra, you want just enough cleavage to add to the body & face (team), but not so much it distracts from the chemistry or personality.

Everything in the NFL is subject to change a moments notice. Right now the winds are swirling, which direction are the winds blowing for your team?

Vick Could Change the First Pick

Recent ESPN draft boards have projected Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford as the No. 1 selection for the St. Louis Rams.

On Monday February 22, 2010 ESPN First Take reported that the Rams may be interested in QB Michael Vick. Who let the “dog” out of the bag on this one?

If the Rams trade for Vick, then they could draft one of the stud defensive front men, Ndamukong Suh from Nebraska or Gerald McCoy from Oklahoma. This would allow the Rams to draft a QB in the second or third round.

Rams interest in Michael Vick has to come as a buzz kill to the Detroit Lions, who had to feel that luck had finally fallen their way when Suh would fall to them at No. 2. That is the curse the Lions suffer from for wasting the career of Barry Sanders.

UPS and Tebow Have Changed Delivery

In the last twenty years UPS has evolved how we deliver packages, “What can brown do for you?” Well former Florida Gators QB Tim Tebow wants to change how he delivers the package (football).

Reports have it that Tebow is working on trashing his old throwing motion and upgrading to a more NFL friendly delivery system.

Tebow will not display this new method until his pro day at the “Swamp”; he has opted not to throw at the combine. This new approach better work out for him, otherwise he may not be delivery footballs, but boxes instead.

Wide Receiver Relocation Program

Brandon Marshall and Randy Moss are two of the most talented pass catchers I’ve witnessed in my 18 years of watching football. They are also two of the most disruptive teammates over that same time span.

At age 33 Moss is no longer the same attraction. He has been pegged as a guy who checks out early mentally in games and gives up on plays. Moss recently made comments about this being his last season with the New England Patriots.

There are many teams on the verge of contending for a Super Bowl that would be interested in Moss. I believe the best fit for Moss and a chance to win a ring is in Dallas or Baltimore. He could also return to where he started in Minnesota, but that will only happen if Favre returns.

Marshall needs a new place to call home worse than Kirstie Alley needs to lose weight! Marshall was such a problem that Head Coach Josh McDaniels benched him for a game that had playoff implications.

Unlike Moss, Marshall has youth on his side. I believe his best fit is to go to the Dolphins or Ravens where he can build chemistry with a young QB, like Chad Henne or Joe Flacco.

Although both of these men have great talent I wouldn’t want either of them on my favorite team. They both seem to have “only child” syndrome, if they don’t get the attention they are used to, then they start fires.

Familiar Names in Foreign Places

Trade rumors continue to swirl around Donovan McNabb. The same way men circle the easy drunk girl at the party hoping they get the chance to sleep with her.

We have now heard rumors of a trade possibility to the Browns, Bills and Broncos. I still believe that the best chances for him to win are playing for the Vikings or Panthers.

I read a comment that said the Eagles would be hesitant to trade McNabb to the NFC because this would hurt their chances at a Super Bowl run. ATTENTION Eagles front office; you have no chance without McNabb.

Judd Zulgad reported on that the Vikings could possibly put the franchise tag on back up running back Chester Taylor. Shows how much confidence they have in Adrian “Slippery Tips” Peterson.

Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald reports that Chad Pennington wants to stay in Miami, even if that means being a back up to Henne. There are a number of other teams interested in having Pennington back up their young quarterbacks; Cardinals, Lions, Bills, Bucs, and a possible return to the Jets. Pennington will finish his career where it should have always been, as a back up.

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