NFL News and Notes: Big Dilemmas with Easy Answers

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NFL News and Notes: Big Dilemmas with Easy Answers

This week a collection of clueless wealthy men will get together and vote on some very important issues regarding the NFL.

The league will also be looking into whether or not it would be a good idea to have the Super Bowl in a windy refrigerator.  The people voting on this topic please put your pants on backwards and walk around all day.  Let me know how that works out for you guys.

Roger Goodell plans to meet with the NFL’s most hands on quarterback.

Three major questions with three basic solutions.  Yes, No, and some simple legal advice provided by Fletcher Reed (Jim Carrey) from “Liar Liar”.

Are the First 16 Exhibition

The NFL is voting on a new over time rule in the attempt to even out the odds for both teams.  This is a great idea, I’m all about fairness.  That’s why I tried to play girls varsity tennis in high school, hoping to give myself a chance.

The proposed rule says, both teams could have a possession in OT, unless the team who wins the coin toss scores a touchdown.  If they don’t score, or just kick a field goal, then the other team gets the ball giving them a chance to fail, tie, or win.  If after each team has had one possession and the score is still tied, then regular overtime rules will apply.

At first I was more confused than going to a swinger’s party.  “So… you can touch my wife’s breast if I touch your wife first… and if your wife takes off my pants…”  You can see where I’m going with this, why can’t it just work like college football, but instead we add the kickoff?

I love the idea of changing the current format, but it still seems slightly slanted towards the team that wins the coin toss.  What happens if the defensive team gets a safety on the opening drive of overtime? Is that game over?

My biggest problem is if they do change this rule during the off season they are not going to change it for the regular season, just for the playoffs.  No other regular season is more crucial than the NFL.

Is the NFL really going to take a chance on a team missing the post season or losing home field advantage to a rule, which will be changed during the most important time of the year?

Who Wants Snow Bowl 2014

New York is one of three finalists for the 2014 Super Bowl.  The other two are South Florida, which just had its record 10th and Tampa.

The NFL owners agreed to waive the 50 degree temperature rule so that New York could join the bidding.

This is a bad idea, this is like teaching you’re five year old to operate a gas stove.  It is going to blow up in your face.  The idea of watching a Super Bowl that could possibly be played in a snow storm or negative degree temperatures sounds like boring defensive football.

The argument that New York has many great destinations for visitors is lame.  So does Dallas, Miami, San Diego, and Las Vegas.  The idea of inviting thousands of people to an already crowed city for a week seems like a criminal’s fantasy.

New York will reportedly give the fans at the game heaters outside the stadium for pre-game and heated seat cushions during.  I have an idea for the NFL, save that money and give it to someone worth watching during the halftime show.

Cold weather is the ultimate home field advantage, look at the home record of the Packers, Bears, Broncos, Patriots and Giants over the past 10- 15 years.  If your going to play the most important game in all of sports on a neutral field, then do it where we can’t build snowmen.

Roethlisberger, Please Report to the Principal

Reports coming from ESPN say that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is going to meet with Ben Roethlisberger.

A great quote from “Liar Liar” probably would have gotten his message across, “Stop breaking the law asshole!” – (Fletcher Reed) -1997

Technically Big Ben hasn’t been charged with anything in either of these alleged sexual assault cases.  My two favorite things to hear people talk about pertaining to this case are suspension and the race factor.

A lot of people claim that if Big Ben were a “black man” then he would have already been suspended and also hassled more by law enforcement.  I understand the argument when it pertains to people who are not athletes and entertainers, but in today’s society the only color the law sees is green.

Newly acquired Baltimore Ravens WR “DUI-Onte” Stallworth killed a man while driving under the influence of alcohol and marijuana.  Stallworth only spent 26 days in jail and will return to the NFL this season.  The last time I checked, Mr. Stallworth looked like Bob Marley on Steroids.

In the first case surrounding Big Ben there is evidence that the woman is fishing for a paid day.  In the second case it’s still too early to tell if he is in fact guilty of sexual assault.

The last thing that the league should want to do is punish someone for bad judgment.  After all, the league is thinking about changing a rule for the playoffs and playing the Super Bowl in the snow.

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