Fat Free Arms

fat free arms

The thighs, buttocks, hips and arms are often troublesome areas for women, with these areas typically prone to the build up of excess body fat. The back of the arms are especially prone to stubborn body fat, so what can be done to reduce this excessive fat from the arms?

1. Follow a healthy diet. Excessive fat can be reduced by following a calorie restricted diet whilst following an exercise program. The diet should be restrictive in calories to allow for weight loss, but also contain optimal levels of nutrients needed for health and well being. Ensure a varied diet plan is followed to allow for a wide spectrum of food stuffs. Do not neglect dietary fats from the diet in the hope of reducing body fat – dietary fats are not the enemy and are essential for many bodily functions. Try eating six smaller meals throughout the day to avoid hunger and allow for a heightened metabolism.

2. Be active. Fat loss can be accelerated by following a suitable cardiovascular exercise plan. Performing cardiovascular exercise for a minimal of three to four times per week, thirty to sixty minutes per session, will drastically aid a fat loss plan. A suitable and sensible diet supplemented with exercise will prove fruitful in reducing body fat from all areas of the body, including the arms.

3. Perform resistance exercises. Women may shy away from resistance exercises in the belief they will lead to greater bulk and muscle mass. In reality, resistance exercise if implemented correctly can bring about a great athletic and toned appearance, as well as increasing metabolism. Exercises should not be purely focused on the arms, as a balanced routine should be followed. A full body routine will increase calorie expenditure, increase lean body mass, and improve aesthetical appeal. Training with weights three times per week will prove effective, with at least a day’s rest between each session. Each session should be composed of three compound exercise, one targeting the legs, the next targeting the push muscles, and the last targeting the pull muscles. For example, squats, bench press, and a barbell row. This routine can be varied, and it would be wise to look around this web site more to find a selection of routines which may be suitable.

4. Be patient and avoid crash dieting and other insensible methods. Fat loss is not obtained over night, and once the body fat level is reduced the training and dieting will have to be maintained to ensure it stays that way. It is therefore easy to conclude the approach must be sustainable. This is achieved by following a diet and training plan which is enjoyable. Eat foods you enjoy, just ensure they fit into the overall plan. Seek healthy recipes for foods you and your family enjoy. Perform activities you enjoy such as swimming, cycling, or a martial arts class.

You may be disappointed to find only a small amount of discussion being about direct arm training. It is the belief of many that obtaining toned and defined arms requires countless hours performing exercises which target the muscles of this body part. In reality, however, this is not the case. A reduction in body fat is what is required, and this is not achieved by countless repetitions with a dumbbell or barbell. Diet and cardiovascular exercise will accelerate fat loss, reducing the fat from the arm region. Resistance exercise will strength and build the muscle tissue, which will become more notable once the level of body fat is reduced, leading in time to a toned and athletic appearance.

Fat loss + resistance training = toned, defined, and firm arms!

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