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Natural Steroids

Performance enhancing steroids such as used commonly by bodybuilders and professional athletes grew in popularity despite their being banned in competitive sports and eventually in the US being classified as a controlled substance and limited to prescription use. Athletes then turned to the possibly less safe underground steroids in order to continue the use. From as far back as we have recorded history there have always been some compounds used by human beings intended to increase performance or endurance beyond what is normal. Unfortunately, the use of many of those products produced undesirable side effects. The steroid side effects are why are controlled substances within the United States and require a prescription.

Athletes and bodybuilders are nothing if not persistent and attention has turned lately to natural steroids. The body manufactures steroids from naturally occurring precursor steroid compounds found in foods in large amounts. Athletes and bodybuilders are encouraged to eat large amounts of red meat and protein and this is because the best sources of natural steroid precursors occur in these foods.

The benefits of providing an athlete’s body the tools to build their own natural steroids and increased body mass and performance in that fashion are multiple. For instance, drug testing for steroid use is common and positive drug results can be devastating to the professional athlete who is cannot compete due to a positive steroid test. However, when the body manufactures its own steroids then drug testing is a nonissue. The proper diet combined with a regular training regimen allows one’s own body to produce the steroids and results only in better overall health and increased muscle mass with no negative side effects.

Tribulus Terrestris is a plant native to warmer and tropical areas and has many common names such as caltrop cathead and yellow vine. This is herb is currently marketed as a testosterone booster and has long been used as an aphrodisiac in certain areas of the world. Unfortunately, studies on the effectiveness of Tribulus as regards endurance and bodybuilding are inconclusive. However it is enjoying a lot of popularity among the bodybuilding community for those who want to avoid synthetic steroids side effects and stay with a more natural alternative.

DHEA is one of the natural steroids produced by our bodies by the adrenal glands and this was a very popular dietary supplement with bodybuilders and athletes. Dietary supplements are products that are intended to provide nutritional elements that may be missing or not consumed in sufficient quantities in a person’s diet and in the US DHEA are sold as dietary supplements. However, US, Congress have turned their attention to natural anabolic steroid compounds sold as natural vitamin or food supplements. In 2009 a bill was introduced that would classify DHEA sold as a supplement as a controlled substance. DHEA is a controlled substance in Canada and is a prohibited substance under the world anti-doping code.

There have always been rumors about many bodybuilders using steroids. One of the game’s elite, Ronnie Coleman has never failed a drug test, but many question Ronnie Colemans steroids use.

In conclusion, possibly some of the vast and most reliable natural steroids and building blocks are contained in foods.

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