More MMA Reality TV to Come

The world loved peanut butter, and the world loved chocolate… Since the beginning of time, she has looked for new and exciting ways to combine them for ultimate pleasure. Sure, it’s a bit of an exaggeration, but Reality TV just cannot seem to get enough of MMA. From “The Ultimate Fighter,” to my new favorite from MTV “Bully Beatdown,” there appears to be no end in sight.

Here are a few that we can expect in the future…

Ultimate Women’s Combat – It’s exactly what it sounds like pitting 16 of the world’s best female MMA fighters in a Ultimate Fighter type atmosphere. It will be hosted by MMA stud Bas Rutten and cover model Joanna Krupa—so the show has already scored one knockout! In a recent press release, the unofficial roster included: Felice Herrig, Angela Magana, Angela Haynes, Melissa Steele, Roxy Richardson, Laura Sugahara, Kerry Vera, Michelle Vera, Moroeles Coenen, Casey Noland, Molly Helsel, Vanessa Mariscal, Jessica Aguilar, Martha Benavides, and Kate Mcgray. Also featured as coaches will be #1 ranked fighter Tara Larosa, Rosi Sexton, Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos, and Cesar Gracie. Ultimate Women’s Combat will air on NBC. Did I mention that Joanna Krupa will be hosting?

Behind the Ring – Follows fighters from their personal lives, through their training, and everything leading up to the fights and lights as well as shed some light on that makes the industry move, whether it be matchmaking or promoting. So far, very little information is available on this show. So far, I just don’t see any way this is going to be as interesting as Ultimate Women’s Combat—I mean, there is no Joanna Krupa on Behind the Ring so far!

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