“MMA for Dummies” by Frank Shamrock

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“MMA for Dummies” by Frank Shamrock

Mixed martial arts is sweeping the globe! In this practical guide, legendary MMA Champion Frank Shamrock shares his expertise and love for the sport. He introduces you to his famous training and fighting system, explaining the virtues, ethics, and techniques of MMA in clear detail while showing you how to develop a safe, effective training regimen.

What makes Frank Shamrock qualified to put out such a book? Frank Shamrock is an MMA legend and considered by many to be the prototype for the modern mixed martial artist. He has earned titles in the UFC, WEC, and Strikeforce promotions. Outside of the ring, Shamrock is an MMA color commentator on CBS, Showtime, and ESPN2. Also internationally known as one of the world’s top martial arts instructors and trainers, Shamrock is the highest-ranking instructor of the Submission Fighting style of martial arts in the United States.

What the book has in it:

Begin with MMA basics — discover the history, the fighting styles, and modern rules and training techniques

Prepare to start training — strengthen your body, focus your mind, learn the concepts of combat, and find a good instructor

Stand up for yourself — your introductory course in stand up fighting, from essential strikes and defense to inside fighting with the clinch and takedowns

Get ready to grapple — understand the essentials of ground fighting, including the guard position, submissions, and escapes

Become a well-rounded fighter — improve your nutrition, develop a warm-up routine, expand your mental training, and get the rest you need

Proven strategies to train your body and mind

More than 150 step-by-step, full-color photos illustrating proper technique

The 8 positions of power

Necessary MMA training equipment

The styles and strategies of MMA competition

Fight-specific training drills and games

Tips for increasing your speed and avoiding injury

Advice from the expert on improving your ground game

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