Milk: Pros and Cons for Bodybuilders

Among all the popular foods milk plays its own, important role. Literally it can be called food known since infancy. One starts drinking milk not even from their first days of life, but starting with the first hours, and, as a rule, goes on drinking it during entire life. For those, who have an active way of life, and especially for bodybuilders milk is extremely valuable. It would be enough to mention, that two cups of skim milk contain about 80 percent of the daily calcium norm, 30 percent of the daily protein norm and also a significant amount of vitamins.

Milk in the Ancient Athletes’ Diet

Due to this milk and dairy products are traditionally included into the athletes’ diet. Already ancient Greeks used to drink milk and eat cheese before participating in Olympic games. Today bodybuilders, as well as other athletes, can’t do without milk in their diet.

Milk Intolerance

Although humans normally drink milk since infancy, those suffering from cow’s milk protein intolerance are not infrequent cases. In general the ability of most mammals to digest milk (especially milk of other species) reduces, as they get older. Humans are not an exception. Thought most grown-ups can drink milk without any problems, there are lots of those, who can’t.

What Dairy Products to Choose

If you suffer from cow’s milk protein intolerance, you may consume it in other fermented foods, such as cottage cheese, yoghurts, cheese. Due to their content of own ferments, they are digested better. But make sure, that you include any kind of dairy products into your daily diet.

Myth about Milk

Maybe you’ve already heard, that dairy products containing bacterial culture, such as acidophilus milk, work wonders with your body. But in reality this is only a myth, as these bacteria are digested in the stomach due to the gastric juice and don’t get to the bowels and, thus, have absolutely no effect on the state of the microflora and digestion in general.

Dairy Products for Bodybuilders

Every bodybuilder should pay a special attention to their diet: both those suffering from milk intolerance and those, who don’t. When working out in the gym, you lose a lot of energy, which should be restored. But remember, that milk contains a lot of fats and carbs and refers to high-calorie food. Therefore, if you consume it too much, it can lead to excess weight gain. This is why it’s recommended to chose low-fat diary products or skim milk.

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