Calories In Fruit – a Chart

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calories fruit chart

Calories In Fruit – a Chart

Ever wondered how many calories there are in various fruit? Below is a chart which clearly shows the number of calories for popular items of fruit (remember some fruits have larger servings than others), displayed on a visual chart for easy cross reference. The calories are per item, and are estimated values. Five portions of fruit and veg are recommended per day to ensure optimal micronutrient intake. This intake should be from a wide spectrum of fruits and vegetables.

Calorie chart

Apple 96 calories
Banana 105 calories
Clementine 35 calories
10 grapes 34 calories
Kiwi fruit 46 calories
Orange 62 calories
Peach 59 calories
Pear 103 calories
Plum 30 calories

The calorie totals were taken from external sources and we cannot guarantee their accuracy. For information regarding any branded products we recommend you look on their (the manufactures) web site for any up to date and accurate nutritional information.

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