Healthy Eating And Multi Vitamin Supplements

multi vitamin supplements

In today’s busy world, we often sacrifice some of the essential vitamins and minerals our bodies need by not adding enough fresh fruit and vegetables to our diets. As we are often reminded, it is recommended to have at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day to help keep us fit and healthy.

Is this amount of healthy food achievable on a daily basis?

Possibly not, but we should aim to consume as close to this amount as possible. If we cannot consume enough natural vitamins through our diet, it is possible that multi vitamins may be of benefit. The vitamins contained within these dietary supplements are often beneficial for individuals with poor dietary habits, for example those who eat fast food on a regular basis may lack the basic vitamins to maintain healthy skin, organs and bones.

How can we increase our vitamin intake?

If multi vitamins are not suited to your circumstances, you can raise the level of vitamins in your body by eating more fruit and vegetables! Why not try eating an apple for a snack instead of a chocolate bar?

If you choose to cook vegetables yourself, why not try and preserve more of the natural goodness by steaming them instead of boiling. Boiling will actually mean that some of the natural vitamins are lost in the water, whereas steaming helps to preserve these. Alternatively, if you have to boil your vegetables, why not use the water from the pan to create your next vegetable stock. This allows you to benefit from the vitamins lost in the water.

Although we should obtain much (if not all) of the recommended vitamins through our regular diet, there are some times when multi vitamins may be necessary to help our bodies replenish, regenerate and repair.

These however, should not be used as an alternative to healthy eating, but more as a possible addition to an overall healthy lifestyle.

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