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bodybuilding diet tips

Bodybuilding Diet Tips

Those who seek to gain muscle mass will need to pay close attention to their diets for optimal progress. Unfortunately, there is much conflicting advice regarding diets for bodybuilding, and sometimes it is all too easy to over analyse everything and become frustrated. Here are ten back to basics bodybuilding diet tips.

1. Consume enough calories to grow. Food intake should be great enough to support the growth of the body. A calorie surplus is usually required to gain body mass, with sufficient levels of protein to encourage the growth of muscle tissue. If you have trouble consuming enough calories in the form of food intake, try consuming a quality weight gainer or meal replacement drink. Such a quality supplement would contain several hundred calories, a protein blend for sustained absorption, and a quality complex carbohydrate source.

2. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. Suboptimal hydration levels can significantly impact performance levels in the gym, minimising the potential for progress. Being hydrates can also improve immune function and nutrition absorption. Remember to consume fluids during exercise to make up for the sweat lost, and also consume more fluids on a warm day.

3. Eat a varied diet. It would be unwise to stick religiously to a meal plan which includes eating the same food stuffs at set times throughout the day. Not only would such a diet plan become extremely boring after a while, it would also limit exposure to nutrients which may be lacking from the consumed meals. Ensuring a wide food selection will result in a wide spectrum of nutrients within the diet, which is optimal for health and well being.

4. Do not exclude all fat sources. Some mistake dietary fat consumption to the gaining of body fat. It is important to ensure dietary fats are still consumed, with some fatty acids vital for bodily functions, such as hormonal function. Grounded linseeds, oily fish, nuts, olive oils etc are good sources to include within a varied bodybuilding diet plan.

5. Supplement with supplements. Supplements are not required. It is easily possible to have a diet compose completely of real wholesome food choices which is optimal for muscle growth. Supplements are not magic, and are simply a choice for those who want greater convenience, or something extra which their diet cannot offer.

6. Plan your meals in advanced. Being prepared will ensure you never miss a meal, and will avoid snacking on unhealthy options whilst away from the home. Prepare meals before going out, or take a protein bar or meal replacement drink. Have a shopping list prior to going to shopping so everything you need for the week is bought to ensure your varied meal plan can be stuck to.

7. Consume fruit and veg. Try to ensure an item of fruit, a fruit based drink (e.g. freshly squeezed orange juice), or a serving of salad or veg is served with each meal.

8. Plan pre and post nutrition wisely. A pre workout nutrition plan should involve suitable carbohydrates to fuel a heavy and intense workout session. It is important to ensure too much is not consumed prior to the workout, which could result in bloating and underperformance. Post workout should be a time in which protein is consumed to encourage muscle growth and repair. Carbohydrates, commonly quick acting sources such as maltodextrin, should also be consumed to replenish energy stores.

9. Don’t worry about having a treat every once in a while. Whilst cheat foods should not be consumed frequently, it would be okay to have a treat every once in a while. Sticking to a diet day-in-day-out can be hard work, so in the big picture a treat can offer some form of sanity!

10. Educate yourself. Continue to read quality bodybuilding web sites and resources to gain further knowledge about bodybuilding diets and training. Bodybuilding and fitness forums can be a great place to met like minded people to debate and discuss issues regarding bodybuilding.

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