The Many Entrances of Mayhem

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The Many Entrances of Mayhem

Jason “Mayhem” Miller is one of the most popular fighters outside of the UFC.  He has gained notoriety by not only compiling an excellent 22-6 record, and he also hosts the MTV show, Bully Beatdown, where MMA fighters challenge bullies to a fight.  While Mayhem has a great sports personality, what truly sticks him out from the pack are his fight entrances.

Miller not only tries to win fights, his main goal is to entertain the fans.  His ring entrances are more based on WWE fighters than traditional mixed martial artists.  He has done everything from choreographed dances with Japanese schoolgirls.

to breakdancing and “making it rain” by throwing cash into the crowd.

Mayhem will take on Jake Shields this Saturday in Chicago at Strikeforce Fedor vs Rogers for Cung Le’s vacant middleweight title and you’re all lucky enough to see it for free on CBS.  Miller has promised this entrance will be his best yet.

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