Lyoto Machida vs Brock Lesnar – Fantasy Fight

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Lyoto Machida vs Brock Lesnar – Fantasy Fight

What would you think of Lyoto Machida, Light heavyweight contender, stepping up to face the current Heavyweight chapion of the UFC, Brock Lesnar?  Super fight, or super beat down?  Apparently Machida may one day consider challenging Lesnar.  Here is a quote from Machida on fighting Brock:

“I don’t think about fight at heavyweight division, but I think about a challenge, maybe against the heavyweight champion, but it’s time for it now. My focus, for sure, is on my division now, later is later. Maybe a fight against Brock Lesnar. He’s a huge guy, showed himself very aggressive and strong, who knows if one day we can fight… I respect him as a fighter, he’s very strong, but I’m professional and I’d like to test myself.”

Would Machida be able to work his magic unorthodox style on the beasty Brock Lesnar?  Or, would Lyoto Machida be pummeled and over powered by the goliath who as been terrorizing the UFC heavyweight division lately?  Many people feel that Brock Lesnar does not deserve his current positioning as champ.  Others say that Lesnar is a great fighter who will prove all the disbelievers wrong.  Even so, could Machida find a way to defeat Lesnars size and strength advantages?  I think it is possible, but he would have to be very tactical and strategic about how he approaches the fight.  Great fighters such as Antonio Nogureira and Fedor  have beat much larger opponents in the past, Machida could certainly be one of those guys.

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