Let the Renovation Begin!

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Let the Renovation Begin!

Most people only wish they could move back into the womb, but that is what just happened to SteroidsLive. Hold on tight, now the real fun begins.

It’s still going to be a few months before you start seeing the really big changes (and “mum”s the word), but in the mean time you can expect plenty of previews and whispers about all that we have in store for you.

I mentioned a few months ago that we’re breaking SteroidsLive – oh yes, we have lots of that to do still for sure – and building it into a true resource for you. We hit a few larger than expected road blocks, but we’re back on track now.

The last of our transition to the womb happens this weekend, and we’re hoping to resolve all the pesky problems that come with running a years-old site over the course of the next week. After that, let the renovation begin!

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