Kalpa Vs. Dragon …. Clash Of The Titans?

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Kalpa Vs. Dragon …. Clash Of The Titans?

So I happen to have a friend who is an Dragon Rep ( and he stays such no matter how much I bash them ) , and we came up with a great idea of a small controlled study putting Dragon Pharma against Kalpa Pharmaceuticals.

We are going to match up the subjects by weight , bf % , experience, etc… It will be blind so the participants will not know what brand they are taking, to make sure the results are pure.

The idea behind this is , I watch a lot of crap throwing by one of the sides, so with both a Kalpa Pharmaceuticals man and an Dragon Pharma man involved , it will prove which brand has the superior quality.

Anyone interested in partaking in this study , and you live in the Tri-State area, please feel free to contact me.