The A-Z’s Of Steroids

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The A-Z’s Of Steroids

Steroids , it’s a topic that is spoken in secret from the trailer park to the high rises in your city.  It is an obsession for some and only a dream for others.

For the numerous reasons that people do a cycle is the exact same reasoning behind those who find it too much of a risk.

Now where do I fit into all of this? Well, I guess I am a voice of reason within all of the blurred lines and gray areas of steroids.

The plan is to write what I know about steroids based on the facts that aren’t all too apparent.

With this based on those facts,  will come my opinion and feelings , in an effort to help educate and stimulate ideas in the steroid community.

I hope to help out the beginner and challenge the advanced veterans of this game.

A good starting point is to discuss the idea of “All steroids are bad”.  There are many uneducated members of society that feel all steroids are bad and that kill everyone that use them, yet when asked who are these people they become quiet or spit out one very famous football player.

Ask these same morons to name a few different types of roids and once again they will become silent or change the direction of the conversation.

Let me make this clear,  not all steroids are the same , nor do they have the same side effects.

In my opinion, for every person who has the stand point that steroids are tools of death is an idiot who has no idea why there bad or a view that isn’t based in fact but drawn up from watching an “After School Special” on steroids, either way it’s not worth a lick.  My feeling is that steroids can be dangerous but if you are properly educated on the subject and take the proper precautions (like blood work monthly) , the risks can be minimized.  So here is where the tutorial begins

First topic on my list would be listed under very basic, the first cycle.

Your first experience into the domain of steroids should be one made based on educated decisions.

First of all , always know what your injecting into your body and the possible side effects.

Next , never start too young, this is a huge problem.

You have teens juicing long before there full growth potential is reached.

Now when I say this I speak upon deaf ears, I get the response ” I don’t think I’m going to grow anymore” or “I need this to make it to the next level in my sport”. Both of these statements are made with the person really believing this but, I have to say it is BULLSHIT!!!  Most of my knowledge comes from mistakes I made and I’m lucky my ignorance to what I was doing didn’t kill me.  So I’m here to help so you don’t have to make the mistakes I made even though there is a percentage that will do what they want anyway.

Your first cycle should consist of Test only, it does not matter whether it is enanthate , cypionate, propionate, or retard (there are many more), yes I said test retard.  Simple is always better in the beginning, the reason being if you react badly to the compound you inject you will know the cause of , where if you take a few steroids you will not know which steroid to discontinue.  Learn where and how to inject, the basics are delts and glutes, with the thigh being an easy target also.

Know that you have to aspirate everytime to prevent serious injuries, though they maybe very unlikely its still important.  But what I have to stress the most is do your homework, only an idiot would inject themselves with a foreign substance without a clue.  The moral of the story is don’t be a poster boy for the anti-steroids campaign and be safe.  It is my humble opinion, so take it or leave it and start where you stand.

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  1. Steve Fernandez says:

    Good write, a little too basic for my taste. Its headed in the right direction

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