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Steroid Tips and Tricks

In this section, I will collect some hints, which may be helpful.

Acne prevention

As you probably see on yourself, acne is a common side effect of using Anabolic Steroids.

To prevent acne without drugs, go to your local drug store and buy an antibacterial soap. The brand names may differ from country to country, in my country they are Protex, Safeguard, Lifebuoy. Some of them have levels of antibacterial protection, pick the strongest one. Don’t buy these with built “natural hydratants” or “lipids”. It must be plain antibacterial soap. Wash yourself with this 2-3 times per day. You can’t cream yourself. It works, but it isn’t a cure for heavy acne, it is a prevention.

I invented this accidentally. The side effect of antibacterial soap is that it dries skin. If your skin is dry, you can’t get serious acne. I am a semi-heavy AAS user and i hardly have some acne. I realized that other users have a lot of acne. It can’t be by genetics, I also had acne in puberty. I am pretty bacteriophobic so I use antibacterial soap for washing myself instead of shower gel. These sophisticated shower gels contain hydrating compounds or lipids and this keeps the skin greasy. I shower 2-3 times a day with this soap, and my skin stays dry, that’s because I have no acne. To get acne, your skin must be greasy. These anti-acne drugs also work by drying skin. You’ll see, that these antibacterial soaps are really harsh, for example if you wash your hands with it very frequently, the skin will be dry and red.

Sustanon fakes: Freezer Test

sustanon 250This is a test with which you can test if your Sustanon 250 (or its analogues) contains testosterone esters.
Put the vial in freezer for ten-fifteen minutes. So after some time when you take it out, the the oil in it should be “cloudy” (something like when you put milk in water). If it isn’t cloudy, put it in freezer for another 10-15 minutes. If it isn’t cloudy then, you have probably a fake. However some underground manufactures put in Sustanon just Testosterone Propionate and Testosterone Phenylpropionate in high dosage 100mg of each ester, in this case the costs are much cheaper, but effects of course also differ. In most cases only experienced athletes and steroid users can feel the difference.

However, this is a quite wide spread trick, so I don’t know the one who originally invented this. It works by separation of testosterone esters from the oil due to low temperature and due to high concentration of testosterone. It will not hurt the testosterone esters at all. Actually, storing the vials for long-term storage at low temps may preserve some activity which could be lost at room temp, but those esters are very stable.

Its must be mentioned though, that not everyone thinks of this test as alright. Some swear by it and others think its useless. If you are sure for 100% that your supplier is reliable and the products are good, try this test and feel free to write some comments, we’ll be glad to discuss all together.

Easy loading/injecting

Put the ampoule in warm water (approx. 37 deg.C, 99 deg.F or body temperature) for few minutes. The oil solution becomes much easier to load and inject.

This comes handy to use when injecting some high concentrated solutions like Sustanon 250. It shortens the time you load it in the syringe. In fact, it is also written on Omnadren package (in Polish).

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