Just A Thought……….

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Just A Thought……….

I was thinking over the last few weeks that we only have one chance to get this thing called life right.  So it got me reading some of my older posts and it reminded me why I started to write this blog.

Not so much to convince the World that steroids are great, though that would be fine.

Nor was it to convince people to use steroids , not by any means.

It was to educate the person that has already decided ( regardless of what I say) to use anabolic steroids . So after a few VERY long weeks , I decided to get back to basics.

First off, steroids used incorrectly can be very dangerous.

This means before you do anything, you need to see a physcian, and it is your choice to be honest, the problem with honesty is if he writes it on your medical records , kiss any chance of Life Insurance Goodbye.

The key is to find a doctor who isn’t a total douche bag. I know that sounds hard but it is possible.

Next, read like crazy and ask as many questions as possible, the only stupid question is the one you don’t  ask. Don’t complicate things, go simple and conservative, you need to be in for the long haul to get anything, quick fixes don’t exist, even in the world of anabolic’s. Anything that is gained to fast will be lost at the same pace.

Finally, if you don’ know what PCT stands for you shouldn’t be allowed to purchase steroids PERIOD! This seems to be a well spoken topic, but I can’t emphasize enough, this is as important ( maybe more important) then the cycle itself.

The reason being that it dictates how much of your hard earned gains you will retain.

Most like the old favorite Nolvadex and Clomid, personally I don’t feel that this combo is as exceptional as most will state it is. But if it works for you , don’t fix what ain’t broken.

For the newcomer , remember that Clomid reacts poorly in some and has been known to escalate issues with depression.

I know this post seems basic and  the Vet will be bored with this post, but I feel it important for all to read this, the more experienced members need to remember how important it is to stay simple, less is more when it comes to AAS. I was reading through threads on a well known forum , and there it was , a member advising a newcomer to take 500-700 mgs of Test a week, that is just plain stupid, and dangerous.

It is the more knowledgeable members responsibility to protect the newcomer to the best of our abilities.

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