So You Want To Be A Bodybuilder Part Three


Looking at the average bodybuilders steroid stack I realized these guys have far surpassed my thought of ridiculous.  What I am about to write is by no means a cycle anyone should ever use so it is being placed on here for informational and comedy purposes.

38 week Pro Blitz

HGH weeks 1-39 starting at 5IU’s-8IU’s

IGF weeks 1-39, 4 weeks on 4 weeks off 50 mcg per day

Test Enthate weeks 1-16 1000mgs a week

Test Cypionate weeks 17-30 1500mgs a week

Test Prop weeks 31-39 150 mgs a day

Deca weeks 2-14 600mgs a week

EQ weeks 16-32 1000mgs a week

Primobolan weeks 30-39 600 mgs per week

D-Bol week 10-15 & 20-25, 50-75 mgs a day

Winstrol weeks 33-39 50mgs a day

Tren Acetate weeks 15-20 & 25-30 100mgs a day

T3 weeks 1-39 25 mcgs a day

This is to be never used by anyone in my opinion especially not the recreational user.

The next cycle I am about to show you is the late great Andreas Munzer’s Last Cycle, and remember that this is for informational use only and to be NEVER used as a cycle

Weeks 1-5

Ephedrine, Aspirin, Clenbuterol, Valium, Captagon, Cytomel, The mgs were unknown

Weeks 1-5

Test Ent 500mgs daily, Parabolan 152mgs daily, D-Bol 150mgs daily, Halotestin 150mgs daily, HGH 20 IU’s daily, Insulin 20 IU’s a daily.

Weeks 6-8

Masteron 300mgs daily, Parabolan 152mgs daily, Winstrol Tab 250 mgs daily, Halotestin 150 mgs daily, Winstrol Inj. 50 mgs daily, HGH 24 IU’s daily

Weeks 9-10

Masteron 200mgs daily, Winstrol Inj. 100mgs daily, Halotestin 200mgs, Winstrol Tab 400mgs daily, HGH 24 IU’s daily

So seeing is scary enough, but because his autopsy was never released  it seems impossible to figure the exact cause of death.  Like I said earlier never use this cycle, EVER!  Though it is thought that this is common practice, I hope not.  I rather see a less define group of bodybuilder and also see them cut back, my feeling that this seems a little unnecessary, anyway we will need one more day to complete this so see you tomorrow my friends.

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