Improving Your Blood Circulation

blood circulation

If you believe you have poor circulation it is paramount you contact your GP. If you have any worries regarding your health you could also phone NHS Direct for professional and friendly advice. Whilst poor circulation can be a serious issue, for many of us it can be an annoying and common occurrence in the winter time, with cold hands and feet. This article looks at some of the reasons why we may have poor circulation, and methods we can use to improve it.

Be active!

Being physically active brings many benefits to the body, one of which is improved circulation. Not only will the circulatory system remain efficient if it is frequently used, new blood vessels can also form to improve the circulation of blood around the body. Being a gym addicted is not required here – a simple thirty minute bike ride to work each day would help greatly as a first step.


Reynaud’s is a condition which can be experienced at any age. Hands and feet become cold, especially during the winter time, and may also turn a pale colour due to lack of blood flow. 3-20% of the adult population experience this condition, with their blood vessels in their hands and feet sensitive to changes in temperature. If you match these symptoms then speak to your GP and raise your concerns.

Smoking decreases blood circulation (…amongst other things)

We all know about the countless serious health implications smoking causes, so anybody who wishes to improve their health and well being would be advised to quit smoking. Again, speaking to your GP or contacting NHS Direct would be a good first step, as there is a lot of help out there for those people thinking of quitting. Smokers are more likely to experience poor circulation as the small blood vessels are restricted, limiting the blood flow to the hands and feet.

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