Not Having A Gym Is Not An Excuse

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Not Having A Gym Is Not An Excuse

So many guys I know would use the fact that they can’t get to the gym as an excuse for not getting a work out.  They think that if they can’t get to their favorite chest press, or Lat. pull down machine then they can’t get a worthy work out. If your one of those guys, shut it. Because your talking complete and utter garbage – as far as excuses go, that’s a poor one. You can get a full body work out, right there from home.

It’s even better if your so used to going to the gym, and using all their high-tech machines, because the chances are, if you haven’t done good old school work outs since you were a kid, then you’re bound to get an extremely difficult workout by simply using the floor and yourself.

Think back to middle school – the gym classes and all the free standing exercises. These are the kinds of exercises you’ll be doing. Instead of checking emails, playing video games and watching TV at home, instead you’ll be doing push-ups, squat thrusts and burpees. Simply by doing simple exercises like so, and variating them a bit, you can get an amazing work out without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

One of the most important home exercises which I will reccommend to you would be the burpee. It’s a simple exercise that begins by you jumping, raising your knees as high as you can, and then, upon your feet’s arrival to the ground, you dropping down into a push up, only to push yourself back up onto your feet, and then repeat. It sounds simple, but some of my hardest workouts have come from doing an intense burpee session.

Other good upper body exercises include the good ol’ faithful push up, dips (these can be performed on virtually anything that can withstand your body weight), chin ups and pull ups.

As for lower body, try body weight squats, lunges, pistols and calf raises. All of these can be an intense work out, if done correctly.

You can structure whole work outs by using this set list, and just adding a few variations to it, so e.g change the push ups to three finger push ups.

One hard session of this will leave you feeling exhausted and ready to fall asleep in your own bed (that is of course, after eating a well deserved meal). Work hard enough on these, and you might even look to cancel your gym membership.

So, if your car is broken, or if the weather’s bad, remember, you can still give yourself a hard workout from the comfort of your own home.

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