IFL Ring Girls Are Keeping It Interesting

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IFL Ring Girls Are Keeping It Interesting

Holly Kishere

Meet Holly Kishere. She is a ring girl from the IFL (International Fight League). While she may not be throwing kicks and punches, she is keeping the MMA fans happy. Especially the men. I mean someone needs to hold up the card that tells everyone what round it is right. A scoreboard simply will not do. (Well, at least not now that we have grown accustomed to having Holly do it.)

Holy is only 19. (Settle down you old scrapers!) She moved out to LA to from London to try and advance her modeling career and apparently has done quite well. She has competed in many beauty and swimsuit competitions, most notably, the Miss Hawaiian Tropic and Miss England. Get this, she is educated too. She also holds a degree in Business and Computing and is a certified IT Practitioner.

So, keep and eye out for Holly, she’s hot, she’s young and she makes those cards look so good.

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